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By: Tom Riddle
The small and medium sized business are the ones that are most likely to be it by a data breach incident. The reason of that is very simple, whenever you ask the small and medium sized business to secure their information, they furled their eyebrows and say “Why would anyone steal our information? We are not the FBI, CIA or NSA that someone would be interested to get our information.” The fact is that irrespective of the size and nature of the business its information is at the risk of getting stolen by crooks.

The risk to information security is now being increased as almost every business is connected to a network in some manner. A business having poor measures to secure their information can make all the other systems of the businesses connected to the network vulnerable to data breach. These kind of breaches can be extremely expensive as per the researches conducted in the past several. Data breach incident harms the business in all aspects, from customer care to finance to production. Since, Ponemon Institute is working on the cost of information breach for more than a decade, they have clearly observed an increasing trend in it.

The cost of data breach is based on the number of records compromised and the sensitivity of those records. But, no matter how small data breach incident has struck you, you will surely suffer quite a bit. In order to keep your business records safe and secure, you have to follow these simple advices from the experts.

Maintain proper record
It is impossible to manage anything that you are unable to measure. That is the reason that you need to have a proper record of the flow of information, which records are the sensitive ones and the position of the data. This maintenance of records do not only help securing your information, but, it is a healthy practice for the growth of your business.
Keep only important data
In order to maintain data security, you need to keep as less information as possible. You are just advised to keep those records that are necessary to carry on your business operations. Redundancy of information would be incredibly hard to manage as well as secure. Keep that information saved in your database that is extremely important for your business and make sure that it is diligently secured with software that can Password Protect Folders.
Don’t keep all information in a single place
In order to enhance and strengthen the information security of your business or company, you need to maintain more than one database. Storing all your data in a single place would impose a huge risk on it. If a hacker gets his way through to your database, all your information will be within his reach and he can easily extract out the desired records. Whereas, on the other hand, if you have data stored in more than one place, there will be bright chances that a hacker will not be able to have access to all your records. That is why experts advise not to put all your eggs in a single bag.
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