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By: Tom Riddle
Men have needs which are not easy to satisfy, need I say more. Males naturally cannot spend too much time with one female, as men are generally polygamous. This may be tougher for women to understand but men have a natural tendency to seek more than one woman. Why, well because, men are programmed to spread their genetic material as much as they can, this ensure that the survivability ration of their genetic legacy. On the other hand, women are programmed to bare children and look after the well being of the children and ensure that they are well taken care of. Thus, women have a natural tendency to care and love. Even in the wild, you see male bucks and even our closest relatives the gorilla has a harem of females who he protects and mates with. Consequently, if you go back 2,000 years from now, you’ll see that the rich and powerful had several wives and mistresses – it was the norm and women generally appreciated it. Today, the way our society works has changed, women are regarded as equal to men, and vice versa. Yet, men have been unchanged biologically, and still need to satisfy their need for one woman – but now with new challenges.
Therefore, those who have been with one woman for far too long truly understand how it feels to be stuck with just one woman. Over the years, men have invented several different tactics on developing a technique for “how not to get caught cheating”. Sadly, the truth does prevail in the end, and men often get caught. Relationships end, marriages are broken resulting in divorces, and there is drama everywhere. Perhaps, the biggest mistake a man can make is leave his content, such as emails, photos, videos, text messages etc… leave in an unprotected state. Women in general are curious and are naturally jealous and vigilant, they want to find out what you’re hiding, and will go to great lengths to find out your other activities. Consequently, you can take the following steps to ensure that you don’t get caught cheating:
Delete cookies and browsing history:
Whether you were on an online dating website or were engaged in an online chat with your mistress, make sure to delete all cookies and web history, so your partner or significant other doesn’t find out.
Use data security software:
It’s likely that you have photos and videos of your mistress saved on your PC. It is essential that you Password Protect Folder or folders containing such content, so that she’s never able to discover your hidden content.
Simple Lies:
If your partner begins to argue with you, you need to minimize her suspicion, to do so, tell her simple lies that she can believe, and then make sure you don’t leave any evidence behind that can foil your affair.
Avoid Excessive Lies:
Only lie about thing that are absolutely necessary, do not lie about everything, this can raise her suspicion even more.
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