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By: Tom Riddle
The common people think that hackers and other crooks look to steal the information of well established businesses or people that are famous. However, this is quite a wrong a perception. The fact is that hackers look for the low hanging fruit that they can effortlessly enjoy without much of a risk. This is the reason that the online criminals seek to get information about the common people such as employees, students or similar low profile citizens. The best sources of getting such data are schools, universities and small companies’ database that are not properly secured or they are not enough educated regarding the problem of information security. There are some certain reason why such less tech savvy organizations loose common, but, critical information.
Hack attacks
Hackers are the one that proves to be the most devastating for for data security of the technophobic organizations. Hackers use different techniques to make their way through to the companies’ database that have negligible or no security measures to secure records. As per records, almost one out of every four hack attacks on school or college database gets successful. That is how high the success rate is for hackers. Surveys and researches also have revealed that the data breach in the result of a hack attack is the most expensive ones.
Loss of data storing devices of mobile computing devices
One of the basic sources of leaking data is through the loosing portable data storing drives like USB flash drives or mobile computing devices such as laptops, tabs or smartphones. Whether you take USB drives, laptops, tabs or smartphones, all these gadgets have the immense capability of storing information and are always at risk of getting lost or stolen. Portable drives have the potential of getting lost due to its small size, on the other hand, other portable computing devices are in the hit list of thieves as they are expensive gadgets. A stolen laptop will not only hurt in terms of just the price of the laptop, but, it would it will hit a harder blow if you have priceless information saved in it. That is why, whenever you store any sort of records in your laptop, make sure you password protect it with Folder Protect.
Insecure Practices
There are some practices that can impose a huge threat to data security. Practices such as sending unencrypted emails, using unsecured WiFi connections, keeping easy and simple passwords and some other practices. What if an encrypted email that you intended to send to your colleague, but, mistakenly sent to someone else? Human error can never be taken out of the equation. Unsecured WiFi connections act as an open door for the hackers through they can easily access your private information. Passwords act as the first line defense for your data, you need to set up complex and hard to guess passwords that have a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers and symbols.
These are some of the ways through which the data of common people are leaked by less tech savvy organizations.
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