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By: David Payne
In the old ages, there was no electricity, and certainly there were no computers. People had a lot of time on their hands, and in certain areas, people killed each other over petty issues Ė all in all, it was lawless. Respectively, Imagine walking down the street during the medieval ages, you just purchased some fruits and veggies, not knowing what would happen next, someone comes behind you, and stabs you in the back and then takes all your groceries and runs off with it. This is just an example of the chaos people had to live within those ages. In the medieval times, life was simple, rich people just lounged around and enjoyed themselves with simple fun, while the poor labored all day to make ends meet. Back then, if you got caught for practicing the ďwrong religionĒ, you could certainly have your head cut-off as a means of execution. In a nutshell, life was brutal back then, and we are lucky to have such great living conditions and rights in our modern day society.
Today, our lives are more convenient than ever before. We drive cars instead of riding horses, making most long journeys a matter of hours not days. We can travel to far distant countries in aircrafts covering thousands of miles within few hours. Best of all (at least for geeks) we have the internet which has removed the barriers of global communications, redefined entertainment and ultimately replaced snail-mail. The internet is a world of its own; it is perhaps arguably manís biggest achievement to date. However, when things become too large, they become too much to handle. The same can be thought of the internet, despite its technological sophistication, itís a mess. The internetís biggest drawback is itís generally insecure. Hackers can have their way, and hack into servers, stealing information, leaking government data and stealing peopleís identity.
Despite several attempts to pass cyber-security laws, the internet is no less of a safer place. This is because itís global, and every country has their own jurisdiction for enforcing laws. Cyber-laws in one country may not apply in a different country. Thus, a hacker in one country can steal the identity of a victim in another country and easily get away with it. So, what is the solution to staying secure on the internet? Well, since the actual internet infrastructure is insecure, it is up to the individual PC owner to secure his connection from his or her end. Using VPN and antivirus software, users can stay secure from hackers at their own expense. On the other hand, if the PC or laptop is stolen, your antivirus software canít stop the criminal from physically accessing your PC and stealing the data. Thus, user need to be vigilant and Password Protect Folders or files which contains sensitive information, which, if compromised, can be result in devastation consequences for victims. Such data security software actually locks and hides important data so well, that it becomes impossible for criminals to crack it.
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