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By: Tom Riddle
If you go back to the 14th century, you would immediately notice things are primitive – perhaps everything would appear somewhat of a joke. In the medieval there is no need for electricity; there are no light bulbs; heck they didn’t even have guns back then. Everything was based on superstition, and believing in magic was the norm. Relatively, if you had a time machine and you just happen to go back in time to the 14th century – and then all of a sudden your time machine breaks down severely – you would lose your mind. Even if you took your Smartphone, tablet and laptop with you – they would become redundant in the middle ages, given the fact that they didn’t have electricity back then, plus you would be burnt alive for black magic, because folks from the middle ages would view your gadgets as tools of sorcery.
However, on a different note, life back then was relatively straight forward and people had more time to relax – despite the extremely low standards of living in comparison to today. If you are one of the younger generations born in and around the 90’s or later, some of you certainly would go crazy without technology. Nonetheless, most will adapt to the appropriate life style and come to terms by accepting your fate.
The point is that humans can adapt to any environment if they are put in a situation. If you really look at it, we don’t need technology, heck we don’t even need to farm animal or crops, we humans are smart enough to simply live of the land. If you really look at it, we have purposely complicated our lives for no reason. People can be just as happy without technology as with it, so why bother with technology. The point is that technology such as the internet, smart phones and the like were meant to control people so that the government and corporation could keep track of peoples habits and whereabouts. In fact, recent news of the NSA spying on citizens has been breaking the headlines fairly regularly. Our freedom is being stolen from right under our noses and we don’t even know it.
However, if you are not a criminal, you don’t have to fear the NSA. Though, everyone – regardless of your criminal background or lack thereof – should be worried about cyber criminals. Public places that offer free WIFI are a hotspot for cyber criminals, open WIFI connections usually mean unsecured connections, creating a golden opportunity for cyber criminals to steal your data using sophisticated hacking software.
Although, few of us could give up the temptation of using free WIFI, for the rest of us, it’s not possible go without free internet – whenever there is a chance – regardless of the risks it may carry. Nonetheless, users can still protect themselves from becoming a victim of the “Free WIFI trap” by utilizing the latest in data security software – which are designed to encrypt folders containing sensitive documents – in essence acting as virtual Folder Locking software.
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