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By: Tom Riddle
Many organizations are well aware of the external threat imposed on their database, hence, they implement some serious security barriers that cannot be jumped over by the crooks. But, in pursue of security from external threats, they overlook the equally hazardous peril that the internal employees impose on their information security. The in-house information security of the companies is usually not as strong as compared to the security from external threats. So, what you have to do keep the in-house security intact? Here are three guidelines that would help you to secure your official information.

Have a pleasant relationship with everyone in the office
It is not necessary that you will only be responsible for the official information if you are an entrepreneur. Being an employee in an office, it is your core responsibility to make sure that the information that you use to perform your designated tasks do not get compromised. It is implied that if a piece of information that you are using gets leaked, you will be responsible for that and face consequences. Knowing the fact, your rival colleagues can perform any such act that will drive you into trouble. Similarly, being an entrepreneur, you need to have a pleasant relationship with your employees, otherwise a worker can steal your data and can sell it to competitors or can hand it over to people that will exploit it.
Knowledge about the severity of threat
In order to solve the problem, you need to first know the problem well. You should be aware of the severity of the problem. Be aware of the things that can lead you towards data breach. The practices that will expose you to the risk of leaking information. For example, you need to make sure that you set a complex password to unlock your computer, so your colleague cannot access it. Do not tell your password to any of your colleagues. Other than that, make sure that you use data security software to Lock Files so that if anyone access to your database, he or she will not be able to extract out information.
Be careful with portable data storing drives
There is a fair chance that you use portable data storing drives to store your information. Portable drives are always exposed to a risk of getting stolen that can be absolutely disastrous. There is a possibility that any of colleagues might eye for your portable drive to get the information he or she is looking for. Keeping the scenario in mind, be very careful while using portable drives. Do not leave it abandoned at your working station as anyone can walk away with it. Moreover, use some security software that can secure your data stuffed portable drive.

Your information is on the verge of getting leaked almost every single moment. You have to very alert and aware of the steps that you have to take to protect information and the actions that you have to take if an incident of data breach occurs. There is no exception to that risk, anytime anybody can become a victim of it. So, do not overlook the fact.

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