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By: Scott Louis
There is little doubt that the future of mobile technology is bright. The pace of progress and popularity mobile technology has experienced is no-less mind boggling. They provide users with the convenience of on-the-go information and entertainment. Although not to a significant extend, usage of laptops and desktops are declining – as users are increasingly using smart phones and tablets to surf the internet and check email. Although, the naïve would certainly take such trends with a positive outlook, the reality of such rising popularity holds a sinister outlook.
Since smart phone are handheld devices, users can take them anywhere they go. This means that people smart phones – containing very personal and sensitive information – are prone to loss and theft. Though, what’s really scary is the fact that, it’s not the stolen hardware than holds the most value. It’s the data that is saved within the device.
So what’s at stake here? Data relating to personal information such as tax returns, company spreadsheets, marketing secrets, human resources biographical data and other such pieces of information – if ends up in the wrong hands – could have severe implications for the victims. Thus, there is a smart way of using a smart phone and then there is a dumb way of using it.
The habits of dumb smart phone user:
If you are a dumb smart phone user, you don’t have a pin, password, or pattern setup on your smart phone, and anyone can access your smart phone. Next, all your private documents and sensitive information are easily accessible. And you probably could care less about installing an antivirus app on your device. Your images, videos, email address and facebook account can readily be accessed (in case you end up losing or having your smart phone stolen). In addition, you don’t think twice about saving your tax return copies on your smart phone, and you have saved sensitive information such as your social security number, driver’s license numbers and other information highly sought after by identity thieves.
The habits of responsible smart phone user:
If you are responsible smart phone user, you probably have your phone secured with a complex pattern or pin. So that, if it’s lost or stolen, you have some time to change passwords on your social media and cloud accounts. Next, you have strong antivirus software installed on your phone – in case your phone is attacked by malware – your phone would be unaffected. In addition to that, a truly responsible smart phone user would have some sort of a remote wipe app, which lets him remotely wipe his entire data, in case his smart phone is lost or stolen. In addition to that, or perhaps an alternative to remote wiping app, a responsible smart phone user would have his data secured by data locking software – although, there are very few software that are reliable – nonetheless, software such as Folder Lock Pro are not only all-inclusive and reliable – they can prove to be a life saver.
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