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By: Tom Riddle
Android gives users a wonderful experience. The Google’s operating system has captured a large chunk of the smartphone market due to the huge number of devices and pleasant user experience. However, there are some problems with Android and these problems are not related to a certain type of device, but, they are like a common problem in the Android’s universe. These problems somehow affect the user experience and annoy them. The issues with Android are not major and can easily be fixed. So, here are some of those problems addressed with their solutions.

Battery backup
If you yourself are an Android user, you might have felt that your battery is drained pretty quickly. Usually, Android users are bothered by their battery performance. But, this problem can easily be resolved by making tiny changes in the phone settings. First of all, lower down your screen’s brightness. Keep it below the halfway mark or at a point where you can just easily perform your functions on the phone. Turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use as these features consume a lot of battery. By making these changes, you will definitely see a boost in your battery backup.
Screen getting hanged or frozen
It has been experienced that when an Android phone starts getting slow down when their internal memory gets filled with app stuffing. Try not to keep redundant applications, photos or other data in your phone that you do not use. Further, close the apps that are running in the background and clear apps cache. Try not to use much live wallpapers as they make the speed of your Android phone slower. Following these guidelines will surely help you to maintain the best performance of your phone.
Connectivity problems
Many of the Android users faces connectivity issues as they get unable to connect their phone to a hotspot connection or to connect their phone to the other via Bluetooth. It is definitely very annoying when you need to surf the web or to send something to your fellow via Bluetooth and the connectivity gets failed. There is a simple solution of this problem. You just need to turn on the Airplane mode for almost thirty seconds and then try connecting again, your device will likely to be connected.
Message sending failed
If you are facing problem in sending text messages from your Android phone, make sure that your WiFi is on and try to resend it. If your SMS is still not sent, restart your phone. Switch off your phone and restart it after a minute or two.
Data leak issue
Android users all around the world face this issue and without any doubt it is the deadliest one. First of all, make sure that you do not download any application from the third party store. Other than that, keep your data locked and hidden with Folder Lock Pro, which will give your information reliable security. Following these disciplinary measures will surely help you overcome this problem and you will have a precious peace of mind.
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