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By: David Payne
If you are an Android user, you must be concerned about the apps you are downloading. The apps that you are downloading are likely to be injuring your device. There are much more infectious apps than you can imagine on the reliable stores like CNET, Amazon, GETJAR and even the play store that is Google’s official store. As per a latest a research, MetaIntell, a company that deals with cloud-based mobile risk management (MRM), nearly 92 percent of the apps they tested were using unsecure communication protocols. Moreover, nearly 60 percent of those apps were using the communication protocols with domains that are even blacklisted.
Apart from that, more than 20 percent of the apps that they tested had vulnerabilities. Many apps had the incapability of loading third party apps that can compromise the privacy of the user without even have his or her consent. When Metaintell further investigated, they found some of the apps, so infectious that they should not be allowed to access any consumer or enterprise device. Otherwise, there will be no security for those devices and any crook will easily be able to break through into the database of the device.
The outcome of the research is astonishing as the apps were the ones that are most downloaded by the users. These apps appear as the recommended apps on the front of the app stores whether it is Google’s official play store, CNET or GETJAR. But, the most of the Android users do not realize that the app they are downloading is actually a trouble that they themselves are installing their Android devices. The innocent users believe that the apps that they are downloading from the reliable stores are actually safe and secure and impose to risk to their privacy. However, the truth is quite bitter. Millions of apps available on these reputed stores are mal and actually act as users’ enemy. The fact is that, the apps are hosted on the stores without checking their reliability and trustworthiness.
Any application can impose a serious threat to the privacy of whether an individual user or a corporate user when the app is capable of harming the device as well as the intranet to which the device is connected. Access to personal data is one of those vulnerabilities that is to be sorted out, otherwise, it would more lethal and dangerous as the days will pass. When a user downloads an app for free, and he or she is cherished that he/she has gotten an amazing app for no sum of money whatsoever, actually that the consumer has bought that app at the price of his/her personal information to the developer of that app. Hardware manufacturers should pay some attention towards it and impose some restrictions on cell phone as Android quite an open source.
In this situation of uncertainty and lack of security, there are also some reliable apps on the Android stores such Folder Lock Pro that does not allow your information to get compromised in any condition. These apps are like a blessing for the Android users that maintains their privacy and keep their data security intact.
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