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By: Tom Riddle
Do you remember your first love? Or perhaps your first kiss? Chances are you still feel nostalgic when you look back and think of your high-school days. When you were young and the first time you fell in love with your high-school sweetheart – it felt like heaven. However, it’s a fact that many don’t get to marry their high-school sweetheart or even someone they truly love – they end up marrying the wrong person. Sometimes things don’t work like they are suppose to, and this creates problems.
Sometimes, we make stupid mistakes in life. We meet someone special and dump them – only to end up with someone else we hate even more. Consequently, after realizing we have made a mistake, we blame ourselves constantly and wish it would have been different. Part of remembering that lost loved one that could have been – is looking back at the memories you shared with that person. The videos and photos you have of that person is probably the only thing that can act as a catalyst for remembering those good old days – apart from the memories in your head.
However, often times we would like to keep those memories safe from our significant others such as wife, common law or lover. Though, it’s sometimes impossible to keep things under wraps from your partner – especially during these technological times. It has become nearly impossible to hide your deep dark desires since the internet became main stream. If you are married, you know that your spouse will often check your facebook account to see if you’re still chatting with your ex-girlfriends. In addition, any female friends on facebook will raise her suspicion. Therefore, it becomes nearly impossible to stay in touch with old flames. Sometimes, your lover may also check your browsing history, what websites you visited, what things you purchased online, whose twitter profile you’ve visited and – in some extreme cases – follow you around – or spying on you.
Nonetheless, there are ways you can fool your wife, lover or common law spouse. For starters, if you are using facebook, twitter or other similar websites, make sure you do so using an incognito browser – such browsers do not record your browsing history and leave no traces of your online activities for others to discover – alternatively, you can also clear you browsing history after you are done conducting your online activities. Moving on, when it comes to taking pictures with your affair or saving pictures of your ex-girlfriend on your Android smart phone, you need to be careful about your significant other discovering them. Simply saving them on your smart phone can prove detrimental if they are accidently – or even intentionally -- discovered by your wife. Therefore, such images should be locked and their access should be restricted. Fewer apps on the play store are capable of performing these security functions. One such app that does this very well is known as Folder Lock Pro for Android. This app has built in features that enable it to function in stealth mode and can fool snoopers into believing you have nothing to hide, all thanks to its decoy icon function.
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