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By: Tom Riddle
Android is the most popular smartphone operating system all around the world. The reason of its popularity is that Google has given the hardware manufacturers and the developers fair bit of freedom to make changes in the operating system. This feature or freedom of Android is quite helpful for the tech savvy people as they can swap default things that they do not like by things that they love using. The number of apps and the kind of ease Android provides for installing and uninstalling apps is a blessing for them and they do not find it threatening. The Google’s OS has millions of users around the world and they are not aware of the fact that their privacy might be compromised with the loopholes Android has. So, here are some tips that will help user to enjoy using their favorite OS safely.

Be Careful When Installing Apps
Thinking that downloading apps for popular or reliable stores does not impose any sort of risk on your privacy is really a wrong perception. The fact is that nearly 40 percent of the apps available on the official Android store i.e. Google Play or reliable store like Amazon are injurious to your privacy. Apps leak the user’s information with or without permission to the third party. The long forms that the Android users do not read or just a small message that the app will require your information are usually answered positively without giving it a second thought. So, the users need to download apps of only those companies that have a proper website, the developer is renowned or reliable or the app is extremely famous.
Enabling Lock Screen
Lock screen is a major weapon of security for not just Android, but, for all the smartphone users. Lock screen acts as the first line defense for the smartphones. An ordinary thief or crook cannot get through to the screen lock to the data saved in it. In fact, if the lock screen password is entered wrong a multiple times, the phone gets locked and returns to the factory settings. That is how handy the lock screen is. But, the password needs to be a tough and tricky one. No matter you opt for the standard password or PIN or a pattern, they all need to be complex to keep the crooks out of the stolen smartphone.
Using Data Security App
As discussed above, the users should be extremely careful while installing apps on their Android phone. And as advised above, one should download app that is either extremely popular or the app being developed from a renown developer. There are hundreds and thousands of data security apps available in the stores, but, which is the one to opt for. I will highly recommend Folder Lock Pro as it is the extension of the famous encryption software Folder Lock. The app is reliable, it does not leak information with or without permission. It is extremely easy to use and has a wonder user interface. This is the app that you can trust for the security of your data.
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