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By: Tom Riddle
Windows phone may not be as popular as the Android or iPhone, but it has its own die-hard fans. These users are also avid windows users and older more mature users who are used to the familiarity of Windows operating system. Next, the reason why Windows mobile operating system is still somewhat popular, is because it far more user friendly than Android or the iPhone Ė though many would disagree with this fact. Additionally, Windows phone is considered more secure than Android and most would believe that it cater more to a more professional group of smart phone users. Although, there are not as many apps for windows mobile as compared to Android and iPhone Ė newer, more creative apps are being published regularly Ė and itís only a matter of time before Windows phone becomes the next Android. Thus, if you are wondering what are the most popular apps are for Windows, the following are the most popular apps listed below:
This should come to a no surprise that Facebook is one of the most popular apps for the windows phone. Not having a facebook app on your smart phone is like not having a telephone in the 90ís or 80ís. The truth is that Facebook has become a need instead of a want. People have become so accustomed to facebook, that they spend countless hours on reading their newsfeed.
Are you still waiting for the video phone? Well, guess what, itís already here Ė but through different mechanics Ė known as Skype. Skype works on all platforms including android, iPhone, and Windows desktop and of course Windows phone. Skype also lets you make local and international calls, all within reasonable rates.
One of the biggest advantages of having a smart phone is that itís good at giving out directions. Whether you are out for pizza, drinks or coffee, you can depend on yelp to lead you to your destination. Since yelp is an app that relies on crowd sourcing, you are bound to find unbiased reviews on restaurants, bars and retail stores.
Folder Lock:
Since Windows phone is a smart phone, using it requires the user to be smart about his or her dataís security. This is where Folder Lock for Windows Phone comes in Ė as it the only file and folder security app thatís seriously developed for those who are truly concerned about identity theft or privacy of personal files, images videos etc.
Most people canít go long without expressing their thoughts and feelings, as they have been bitten by the micro blogging bug; for those people thereís the twitter app. The app lets users send tweets and catch up on the latest twitter feeds all through the convenience of their Windows phone.
The weather channel:
Are you planning on going camping next week? Well, then the weather channel app is a must have. The app can accurately predict weather for seven days, so you can plan your next getaway without fretting about sudden changes in the weather.
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