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By: Tom Riddle
Just as Android grows in popularity, so does the amount of malware that’s out to infect it. Android’s open platform makes it susceptible to hacker exploitations. However, developers are rushing to develop security apps in order to counter this security issue. Users are also cautioned to use their Android phone responsibly. First, always download apps from authorized websites such as the Play store and avoid downloading apps from third-party websites such torrents. Thoroughly research app before downloading them, read app permission and figure out if any personal information will be collected. If personal information will be collected, look for developer explanations as to why. Next, if you do not have a security app installed on your PC – install one immediately. Most are free and can prevent attacks from malware and hackers. Second, avoid rooting your Android device, as rooting the device makes it more open to attacks. Third, enable a pattern, pin or password lock; this will protect your device from being exploited by snoopers. Lastly, installing one or all the following apps will certainly provide you with unbreakable Android security.
Avast Mobile Security:
Avast can be considered the king of antivirus android apps. It has features that protect users from malicious websites. A built in privacy advisor will warn you of any suspicious apps that may attempt to collect personal information. You can also block incoming and outgoing calls with the call and SMS blocker. Avast can also scan all your pre-existing apps on your phone and your SD card, and root out any security issues. It also has a built in anti-theft feature, giving its users to track down their device, sound an alarm, remotely lock the phone and if all else fails, remotely delete all data saved on the phone. All in all, if you have to download antivirus software, make sure its Avast.
Lockdown Pro:
Antivirus isn’t everything there is to Android security, you also need to secure and limit permissions on individual apps. You also need to lock down certain apps, such as your photo gallery, documents app and play store – mainly to prevent others from downloading additional apps on your android phone. Luckily, with Lockdown pro, you can lock any app you wish. This is a great app for someone who wishes to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to certain apps. A must have for security conscious Android users; the best part about this app is that it’s free.
Folder Lock Pro:
Wish your wife, girlfriend or your friends wouldn’t look at your private and confidential videos, documents and images. Well, you may not be able to convince them otherwise, but you can hide your important data from them with Folder Lock Pro. The app is one of the few of its kind, able to password protect images, videos and documents, it also has various security features that prevent detection of the app, such as stealth mode and panic mode that makes detection of folder lock nearly impossible.
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