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By: Tom Riddle
This era of technology is of mobile or portable computing and you may be using your computing devices like iPad more than your PC or laptop. You might be using your iPad for many purposes such as for online transactions, reading and editing of documents, sending and receiving emails and similar other sensitive tasks. But, have you ever think about how secure it is? What will be the consequences if you if you leave it in a cab or at some other public place? Have you ever considered how much harm will it cause to you? If not, then you should do it now and follow these guidelines to make sure that your iPad is secured and even leaving it abundantly will not cause much harm.

Create a strong passcode is a key
One of the basic security measures that you should take in order to make your iPad secure, set up a strong passcode. Setting up a strong password to unlock your device will restrict the crook from accessing your information. Enabling passcode automatically encrypts your data. But, remember, setting up a mind boggling password is necessary, a four number PIN is way to simple to be guessed. A complicated combination of uppercase and lowercase letters along with numeric characters and symbols is the ultimate secret of a strong password.
Use Find my iPad app
Apple’s iPad offers its users a service called Find my iPad that is truly a blessing for them. It is the app that lets you find your lost iPad. If your iPad is connected to a network, it will send its location to Apple’s services. It will surely help you keep your iPad safe and protected.
Turn on self destruct mode
There is a big number of Apple’s iPad that are lost or stolen every year. Many users drop their computing gadget while travelling in the cab, a bus or somewhere in the public place. This leaves your sensitive data on the courtesy of the people, who pick them. So, it will be a good option to enable self destruct mode. It will destroy the information saved in your iPad on entering a wrong password for a specified number of times. If you do not want to destroy your data like this, you need to use Folder Lock for iPad that will not allow any user to access your confidential records thanks to its extremely secure interface.
Use a VPN Virtual Private Network)
The biggest threat to your data security is without a shadow of a doubt are hackers. They are genius and they are lethal. They tend to attack your network and get hold of your information. But, using a VPN will help to protect your network from the cyber criminals and also from the eavesdroppers. Now, getting a VPN is a cheap and easy task and the benefits it offers are absolutely huge.

These were some of the simple instructions that will allow you to use the Apple’s iPad safely and securely. In this age of technology, keeping your information secure is essential and you cannot remain indifferent about it.
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