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By: Tom Riddle
We are living in a world of amazement and it is because of the unbelievable progress in the field of technology. The world has changed in the span of about two to three decades a lot and we are seeing things that we even could not imagine in our childhood. There is everything at your fingertips, thanks to the invention of smartphones and tablets. Getting information has been never that easy, you do not have to dive into the piles of books anymore, you just need take out your iPad and Google to find it out. The most surprising thing is that iPad has almost replaced teachers in schools and children are learning with the help of these gadgets.

I was surprised to see my niece and nephew when I saw that they are encouraged to bring their iPad with them to the school. The teacher comes in the class and announces take out your iPad and write a 100 to 200 words on the given topic on your tablet. Then each student’s written piece is displayed on the hi-tech board and the whole class can read it. Even more, children are allowed to bring their iPad in the class with an internet connection and they are allowed to search the answers of the question from Google and then write it. Now, the model of teaching or you can say education has completely changed and teachers are not the one who teaches anymore, but, the learning enabler. Students are not asked to memorize the answers, rather than they need to think more and use their brain for the education.

But, will this mode of teaching was efficient, effective and beneficial for the students? Well, I have some serious reservations regarding this technique. The children of this age are already busy in using their computer at home for hours and hours. At least in the school, they should be forced to avoid looking at a screen and dancing their fingers on it. This way, children will be lazy and too much addicted to these gadgets, which is not good for their mental as well as physical health. Teachers acting as just learning enablers rather than being a role model, a mentor or a spiritual parent, the grooming of the children will also not be as good as it used to be in our time. Children would be kind of indifferent with their fellows and might lack emotions as well.

There is also a problem of keeping pupils’ identity safe and secure on the web, which is a difficult task. They might be hunted down while surfing for their answers on the web by a hacker and that will be harmful for the innocent kid. The school should be held guilty for any such incident as they are the ones encouraging this digital kind of teaching, so I would advise and request schools to use Folder Lock for iPad to keep the data secured in the students’ iPad. Using the technology for the learning and educational purpose is beneficial, but, the redundancy of anything is harmful, this is the point to remember.
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