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By: Tom Riddle
Social media has made people jealous from their fellows and friends around due to the attention that they get on social sites. A friend of yours that has hundreds of friends on Facebook and thousands of followers on websites like Twitter and Instagram mainly due to their pictures may force you to think which factor lacks in you. The lack of attention may compel you to figure out why you are not as loved as your friend. Your fellow might be getting a number of likes, share, favorites and retweets on every picture he/she posts even though, you have a more pleasant personality, but, still, he/ she is loved more than you. Have you ever tried to get the answer of it? Well, here is the answer, the secret of the attention your fellow’s pictures get is the technique. So, do not get disappointed and follow the tips given below.

Try to use natural light while taking pictures
The first principal of having a beautiful picture is to capture it beautifully. The best way to take beautiful and clear pictures is to take them in natural light. Photos that are taken in a bit dark seems to be grainy and a bit shaky. Try to capture images near a window, so that there is maximum natural light as camera perform better in the natural light.
Reposition the object
While taking a picture, you might have lost the focus on object slightly, so you perhaps need to reposition it. The picture you have taken might look better if it is flip right or left or if it is rotated a bit. Repositioning a picture can make a lot of difference to an image, thus you should know how to flip or rotate it when needed.
Adjust contrast, brightness and saturation
Color effects and brightness play big role in the beauty of a picture. You have to set the perfect contrast to beautify the picture and to make it fancy, you should select a contract that is complemented with the theme of your photo. Adjusting brightness is also a key factor. If you increase brightness more than the need, it would look awful and deceasing brightness below par will also make your picture less impressive. Saturating color is essential, coloring effects sometime become too attractive and soothing to eyes.
Creative blur effect
Where camera manufacturers and cell phone manufacturers are working their heart out to give better camera results, blurring picture has become a new trend. You can say that blur effect is the latest sensation in photo editing. By blurring the surroundings of an object, the focus on the object is enhanced and the picture looks like sharpened. Blurring is used widely after the introduction Instagram mainly, a touch of blur effect around you in a picture beautifies it a lot.

These days, the most of the pictures are captured from the smartphone camera and Windows Phones are the ones that are currently the best in business as far as camera performance is concerned. To modify pictures taken from your Windows Phone, you can use the Secure Photo Gallery that does not only offer you a number of photo editing features, but, it also protects your precious beautiful images from getting leaked.
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