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By: Tom Riddle
Smartphone cameras have been evolved a lot in the past few years, but, still they could not meet the high standards of the camera results. It is said that the best camera is the that you are carrying. If you are travelling to your office and you witness a scene that you want to capture, you will surely not be able to grab your DSLR camera and take pictures, you have to use your smartphone at that time. But, your smartphone will not give you the desired camera result, until you have the perfect conditions around. But, here are some of the ways by which you can take the camera result of your smartphone to a new level of excellence.

Take pictures in proper lights
The first principle of getting better result from the smartphone cameras is to follow the basics. You should make sure that you have suitable lighting in the surrounding where you are taking images. If it is a bit dark around, the photos you will take might be a big grainy, uncleared and dark that looks ugly. So, remember that proper lighting is the first thing to worry about.
Keep your camera lens clean
Well, many people think that it is a silly advice. But, smartphone lens gets dirty as it is touched by the users intentionally or unintentionally. If your camera lens is not clean, no matter what you do, you will get a poor result out of your smartphone camera. That is why, before shooting any moment, you need to clean your lens diligently to get the best outcome.
Avoid taking zoomed in pictures
Zooming in and taking pictures is really a poor idea because it somewhat dispersed the pixels and he camera result is almost never up to the mark. If you want to focus on a particular object in the picture, you can either crop it down or move closer to it. Cropping down does not always work in the favor, however, moving closer to the object is much more reliable and always recommended.
Use your flash cleverly
Flash helps you a lot when you have to take a picture in the dark. It somehow makes the picture visible. The majority of the people tends to keep flash on auto settings and whenever your phone feels need of flash it gets it working. But, sometimes, when you take a picture in dim light, the flash light spoils it. That is why, instead of setting your flash at automatic setting, it is better to first click a picture without flash, if it does not give a good result, click another one with the flash on.
Use photo editor
There is a pretty high possibility that you get unable to get a clear picture with your smartphone camera. But, no need to get disappointed, in fact, you edit your picture with an app like Secure Photo gallery that can add multiple effects to your images. Other than that, the app provides reliable password protection to your photos and videos. In short, it is a complete app for your images and videos.
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