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By: Tom Riddle
When it comes to the smart phone, the Windows phone fits the definition perfectly. Sure, it’s not as popular as the iPhone or Android, but it certainly has its own customer base – for once, its more secure than Android, and has a more mature operating platform compared to the iPhone. What it lacks are apps – as there are fewer apps for the windows phone as compared to the iPhone and Android. Although Windows phone may not be popular in the states, it is however holds a 10 percent market share in all of Europe. As Windows phone gains popularity, app development has also picked up pace. Newer, more innovative apps are being published almost daily on the Windows phone store. However, these are not truly solid reasons to purchase the Windows Phone. The following are some hard-facts that favor Windows Phone over other platforms.
Tiles and customization:
The iPhone has icons and android has widgets, but WP 8.1 has tiles. These tiles let you see how emailed you, view upcoming appointments, view websites and lets you do many other neat things – to vast to be listed here. In a nutshell, tiles let you know what’s going on, without you having to touch anything.
Action center:
With the iPhone and Android have in common? Well, they both have an action center. Luckily, Microsoft also decided to get into action, and will now be launching windows 8.1 with an action center. Learning from the mistakes of iOS and Android, Microsoft has sort of reinvented the action center – catering more to users’ practical needs.
Android has Google Now and iOS has Siri, but now WP8 has its own digital assistant known as cortana. Microsoft claims it’s more capable than Siri or Google now – able to schedule appointment, check flights, tracking news stories.
Outlook and office:
Everybody uses outlook – well almost everyone – with the WP8 outlook can be accessed with ease and you can modify your words files right from within your Windows smart phone – without having to open word documents with some incompatible third party word processing file.
Better camera software:
Nokia has a reputation of churning out great phones that take even better photographs. Since most windows phone are Nokia, the camera and image quality has little to do with Windows and more to do with Nokia’s camera hardware and software. Most Lumia phones have dedicated buttons for camera controls – making them excellent camera phones. Thus, if you are into photography and could care less about availability of apps, Nokia Lumia is the perfect smart phone for you.

However, if you are crazy about photography and consider it your forte, keep in mind that there are some photographic moments that cannot be appropriately shared with others – such as personal photos and videos. Some images and videos such as those of intimate nature shouldn’t be shared with others. Whether you’ve still have photos of your ex-girlfriend, you know very well that your existing girlfriend would want you to delete it and hide it with an application such as Secure Photo Gallery. For example, it’s natural to hold on to those pictures and be able to look at them from time-to-time. Thus, there are many reasons why you would want to hide your photos on Windows phone.
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