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By: Tom Riddle
Smartphones have become such an inevitable part of today’s life that it is hard to imagine what people used to do before this invention. When you are carrying a smartphone in your pocket or purse, you are actually roaming around with almost a fully functional computer. This is just incredible. You have loads of information at your fingertips and this makes essential for the users to protect their smartphones. There are some common risks that are imposed to the security of information that is stored on your smartphone. You need to know them and take effective steps to stay protected from them.

Loss or theft of device and information
Smartphones are small and dear, they are quite tempting for the crooks wandering around. They are easy to sell. Other than the hardware, the information saved in the expansive smartphone is much more precious than that. Lost and stolen smartphones are widely used to extract out the personal information of the users out of it and sell further or use it for mal activities. Information like bank accounts, social security number, email addresses and others can be used again the user and it can be quite hazardous.
Hack attempts
There are a number of different techniques of hacking. While you download an application or a photo, you think that it has no risk whatsoever, but, users are unaware of the threat that these apps or pictures can impose. Even text messages are completely risk free. There was an incident some time back, where many users receive a text message from an unknown number that had a link in it and was written that to access to a wide collection of ringtone click the link. Whoever clicked that link compromised his/her security as it was a malicious one and the message was composed by a group of hackers. So, be careful in this regard and never click such links.
Be careful while sharing information
Similar to the computer, it is necessary to act diligently while sharing files via smartphone. The images, songs, documents or any other format of the file that you share is accessible by the crooks when they are on the move. Thus, keeping privacy intact while sharing is extremely essential.
Public WiFi and Bluetooth
Public WiFi is too dangerous for the users’ privacy. These unprotected hotspot connections are the favorite platform for the online criminals to steal users’ information. Similarly, the smartphone users that keep their Bluetooth active 24/7 invites troubles to haunt them. Bluetooth can easily be used by criminals to access your personal information. So, be careful.
Securing Photo Gallery
Smartphones are often used as a camera to capture precious memories. Pictures and videos of users’ wife, children and friends are the one that users want to keep close to their hearts. No user would ever want that their precious memories captured by their smartphone camera get misused, so, you should Secure Photo Gallery in order to avoid this trauma. Pictures and videos can be used in a number of wrong activities, so, you better be protective about them.
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