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By: Tom Riddle
Being a creative person is all about having new and unique ideas. Whether you are a painter, a writer, a photographer or anyone else, you need to think out of the box and this the most difficult part of creative people’s life. A writer or a photographer needs to develop some breathtaking ideas to get going in life. An idea that can change their destiny, a novel for a writer or a portrait of a painter or photographer. But, there are people that need to get appealing ideas every day, unlike their fellows that do have such an obligation. You take an example of a copywriter, he/she needs to produce catchy phrases and scripts just almost every day. So, what they should do to keep their standard high and meet the requirement.

Before getting started and learning the technique of producing ideas, you need to know what actually an idea is. According to James Webb Young:
“An Idea is nothing more nor less than the new combination of old elements.”
In order to revamp the combination of the old elements, you must have the ability or must develop the ability to see the relationships between old elements in a whole different way. This ability to see the old relationships in a new way can be developed by more and more reading and having an interest in the life, fellow people and surroundings. Apart from that, there are simple five steps that will help you to generate creative imaginations whenever you need to.

The first step to develop a unique idea is to gather information about which you want to have the thought. The vast information you have about the topic, the better thought you can develop. However, there are two kinds knowledge you can have about the topics, either general or specific. General information is like knowing about the topic, let's say the product about which you have to write, you will know just about the functions of the product. But, you want to have in-depth knowledge of the thing about which you have to generate an idea, it will help you to think more and better.

See the information from every angle and it will give some thoughts that will not be much common and become handy for you to write a piece on it. While analyzing the information, write down every idea that pops up your media, no matter how crazy or idiotic it is.

After gathering the information let your subconscious to work on it. Distance yourself from the information and relax, go for a walk, listen to music, take a warm bath or do whatever make you feel relax and let the ideas flow. After some time, you will get the idea that you were looking for, it's just light up in your mind from nowhere.

Now, mold the idea as per the requirement. The original idea that has popped up in your mind needs to be modified a bit to make it fit for the requirement of your client. This is not a difficult thing to do and you will easily be able to twist and turn the idea as per the need.

At last, you need to revisit your idea and share with others. Analyze your idea closely and see if there is room for improvement, if yes, then work on it. If you do not see any drawback in the thought, then be ready to present it to others. But, make sure your idea cannot be copied by anyone as you have worked hard for it. So, assure that the Copy Protection of the digital file you have created of your idea is intact, so that your idea only belongs to you.
That is how you can produce imaginative thoughts every time you want.
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