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By: Tom Riddle
One of the biggest threat to data security after hackers is the insider threat. So, we need to first know what actually this insider threat is?
“A trusted person who has access to intellectual property or data, and who uses that information outside of acceptable business requirements. Misuse of information may be due to malicious intent, an accident, or compromise by outsiders.
Different people have different perceptions about the insider threat. But, the main idea about the insider theft is same for everyone, which means that the risks that are imposed on the business from the people that are working for it. In easy words that the threats that a business might face from its own employees is the insider threat.

There can be two cases, either the own employees of the business may themselves be the culprit for incidents like data theft. Or there may be a case where the insider people help the external hackers to breach the security barriers and harm the business. There can be a number of shapes in which the insider threat can harm the business.
Data Theft
Data theft is probably the most common way by which the insiders hurt the business. They tend to steal the confidential data of the business and use it for their own good or sell them to the competitors. The most recent example of such a data theft is by Edward Snowden, where he got the sensitive information about the NSA (National Security Agency) and used it against them. In order to make sure that your business information remain safe against the insider threat, you need to use some effective measures to strengthen Copy Protection of your information.
Data Loss
Data loss is the one where an employee unintentionally looses the information of business. It is possible when an employee takes the confidential information in an unprotected portable drive such as USB flash drive or other or in a laptop or tablet and it gets lost or stolen by mistake. Every year, there is a huge amount of such incidents that take place. The companies should educate their employees regarding the threat and make sure that they take good care of the data they use.
Data Loss by Deletion or Curroption
Many employees tend to delete by mistake some important file of the business. And sometimes employees handle data carelessly and corrupts the files that harm the business quite a lot.
Fraudulent Acts of Employees
This is not a strange story. Dishonest and disloyal employees look to make money out of their employees’ loopholes by exploiting it with fraudulent activities. Presenting financial records inappropriately that can give them the room to do corruption is quite common. Similar kinds of frauds are common among the employees, although many people get caught every year and they are just ripped off from their careers, but, still, employees commit this crime again and again.

Businesses look to take steps against only the well known insider threats. For example, many businesses do not allow the use of USB drives or they look to use the best anti-malware programs to stay protected. But, a very small number of companies looks to copy protect their data, which can be a significant step for a business’ security.
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