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By: Tom Riddle
The world is quite competitive and it is the scenario of the survival of the fittest and the hard worker. It might bamboozle you, but, believe it, hackers are really working their hearts out. They are busy in engineering new and improve techniques of phishing, spamming and fraud. Their aim is to get their hands on your social security number, bank accounts, social media accounts and similar information. With this information of yours, they can steal your financial assets from you or they can make your friends and family their victims. Online criminals, having such mal intentions, how do you suppose to save yourself? The answer is by knowing their possible techniques and taking precautions against them.
Phishing Scams
Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of $5 million of our lottery. Kindly send us your personal information, bank account number and might be a small amount of $50 to $500 as transferring fee.
Does this sound funny? Every year, hundreds of people fall to this email scam and end up getting their personal information leaked just in a wink of an eye. Interesting part is that hackers make a little of effort and itís the users that hand them over their information with their own hands. These emails are just one of the easiest way to attract their prey for hackers and many of the users fell in their plot.
Trojan or Trojan Virus
Another popular technique that hackers use to get your personal information is to infect your PC or laptop with a Trojan virus. It is a kind of virus that sends all the information to the hacker whatever you do on your computer. Hackers might send the virus as an email attachment that will look like a normal file, however, on being opened, it will infect your computer. They can also use a flash drive to get it on your PC. All they have to do is to drop a USB drive near your car or somewhere near you. They know the fact that the majority of the people will pick it up and plug into the PC and that is what they exploit. It is hard to avoid Trojan so keep your computer equipped with an antivirus software and Lock Folders that are sensitive.
Getting Your Passwords
You must have seen the action thriller movies in Hollywood, where a cool looking hacker is an expert in guessing passwords. However, the real world is a bit different from the reel world. Here, hackers are not dependent on making guesses. All they need to do is to get access to any one of your accounts and he is able to get access to your other accounts as well. That is why, it is always advised to keep different and unique passwords for each account. And as far as security question is concerned, try to answer the security questions with random answers. Giving right and actual answers are risky as cyber crooks can extract out your personal information with ease and it will be easy for them to answer the security questions.
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