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By: David Payne
The cloud computing is one of the most precious inventions for the computer users. It provides cheap and virtual storage that is extremely handy to store your data. You are free to upload any sort of files on the cloud and you do upload many kinds of files and folders on the server. However, what do you really known about its security? You probably know very little about it, but, you know much more in order to keep yourself protected from the threats that are imposed on your privacy 24/7.
You just cannot fully rely on the below the par security measures of the companies offering the cloud service. There have been a number of cases, where the cloud servers of those companies have been hacked and compromised all the sensitive information saved in it. Keeping the threats in the view, many computer users must be looking to avoid using this wonderful technology. However, cloud is a great invention and the future of computer indeed. So, in order to keep your sensitive records safe and secure on the cloud, you need to use Folder Lock that provides automatic backup of the encrypted lockers.
You need to keep your passwords unique and strong through which you access your data. Many of the users are educated enough regarding setting up a strong password. That is why, some of the most common passwords are ‘123456’, ‘12345’, ‘qwerty’ and similar other generic password. These kinds of passcode will not help you at all. Hackers are extremely efficient in guessing and cracking passwords. To serve the purpose of security, you need to set up a complex combination of upper and lower case letters along with numeric and special characters. Such a complex password would be harder to guess for the hackers. But, remember, do not write your password anywhere, memorize it and do not pass it to anyone, not even to the closest people to you.
Other than that, you should be aware of the fact that whether the service provider offering you enough security or your records would be under risk. The experts suggest that you need to be aware of the location of your personal files and folders on the cloud. A good service provider gives users the privilege to control his or her files, it is the user’s choice which are to encrypt or decrypt. There are very few users that actually consider security while choosing a service. They do not know how lethal can an incident of data breach become. It can harm the user a lot in the short run as well as in the long run, financially as well as in other means.
A horrifying fact is that, the users depend a lot on the security that is provided by their service provider do not make any effort to secure their data on their own. As high as almost 50 percent of the users seem to be indifferent from the security concern, saying that their cloud service provider are securing their records. Ideally, you should encrypt your information before uploading it on a server, so that only you have the ability of decrypting it. Your security is your responsibility, be careful and wise regarding it.
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