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By: Tom Riddle
The human kind always had a sense of insecurity and he has always faced a threat of being bullied or looted by crooks or burglars. The situation has not changed much since, in fact, the threats have gone much worse and common in the current digital world. In today’s age, thieves and other crooks do not have to take the risk to commit burglary or theft physically. They can easily target a person sitting miles away from him in front of a computer screen. He will harm him by stealing his identity or information through which he can make him a victim of fraud. In this situation of chaos, there are some effective remedies that you can opt for.

Encrypt your files and folders
Encrypting your files and folders are extremely important, almost every computer user have some confidential or sensitive saved in his database. Information like bank account numbers, social security number, credit card number or emails and passwords can make your life miserable with the courtesy of online criminals. Encrypting your files and folders will definitely do not let those cyber crooks to get their hands on your data so easily. Encryption is really a positive step towards data security and will save you from big losses.
Online backup
You might lose your records that are saved in your computer due to some virus sent by the hackers or due to a similar act. In order to make sure that you do not get parted from your precious information, it is advised by all tech experts to maintain a back of your important data on the cloud server. The interval of backing up your information depends on its sensitivity. However, it would be a treat if it can be maintained automatically, means all changes you will make in the files backed up in the cloud will automatically be updated in the backed up data.
File Shredding
Very few people think about disposing off the data that was saved in it before donating a computer. You may format your hard drive or the portable drives hundred times, but, there are still traces of records that were stored in it and they can be fetched out of it. So, it is necessary for everyone to shred the records that it becomes impossible to recover, otherwise, a tech savvy guy with mal intentions will make you suffer. This is an aspect of data security that very few people think about it, however, it is as important as other frames of data security.

These are some effective measures to keep your information protected that will eventually save you from being some heavy losses. You will be surprised to know that Folder Lock 7.5.0 offers all these security measures and many others as well. The new and improved Folder Lock has been engineered keeping in mind the latest sophisticated tools of hackers and can make your information untouchable. Strong algorithm, new, refreshing and user friendly interface offers more perks to the users. Folder Lock 7.5.0 is a must have for everyone, who is obsessed with data security.
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