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By: Tom Riddle
Data security is a huge concern for every computer, irrespective of his/her location. The scenario is not much different in the case of small business. Entrepreneurs, who is involved in running small businesses should consider this as a major threat to their business. Records like financial reports to clients’ information to the marketing plan, every such kind of information can be too hazardous on being leaked. The main source of data breaches for businesses are online criminals, the hackers. According to a report, nearly 74 percent of all the data breach incidents occur in businesses are a result of cyber criminals. Businesses should take the following measures to secure their data.

Keep passwords strong
Keeping strong passwords is the first a major thing that businesses can do to secure their business’ confidential records. Passwords are the first line security and if their files and folders are protected with a strong password using Folder Lock, then they have done enough to keep the snoopers and online criminals away from their business information. A strong password should have small, as well as uppercase letters along with numeric symbols and special symbols. Such a complex combination hard to guess for anyone and it makes hackers’ and snoopers’ job of stealing data quite tough.
Putting up a firewall and using antivirus
Firewalls are extremely important for business to keep the network protected. Keeping a firewall will filter out the mal elements out of the internet traffic that may harm the business if they get on their network. On the other hand, antivirus is extremely handy for businesses’ data protection as well. Antivirus or the anti malware program eliminates the threats that somehow get through the firewall and about to attack compay’s database. Antivirus software is the last line defense of information in terms of the online security. But, remember, updating firewall as well as the antivirus program on the regular interval is extremely important. Otherwise, these two security measures will not be much effective.
Keep portable computing devices protected
Usually, employees are given laptops by the companies so that they are able to work on their home as well. But, employees do not pay much attention towards its security. Laptops and other computing devices like smartphones and tablets are widely used for business purpose these days. These devices have the immense capability of storing data and are prone to getting lost or stolen. It is a point of concern. Businesses should look to secure all the computing devices that are used to serve business purposes, otherwise, it can lead the company towards an incident of information breach.
Educate employees
The most important step that an entrepreneur can take or should take is to educate employees. The majority of the workers are not much aware of the data security threats or they are indifferent about it. It is entrepreneur’s responsibility to keep check on his/her employees and educate them about the risks and threats of data security and how badly it would impact theirs and company’s progress if such an incident occurs.
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