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By: Tom Riddle
If we take the time to reflect our past and present, it becomes easier to appreciate how far technology has come. Without a doubt, technology has improved the way we get around from point A to point B. It has improved and extended our average life expectancy – for example medical technology has been able to synthesize new medications to combat deadly ailments. Another great example is the internet, in the past, if you had to look up an important fact, you would have to ask your professor/teacher or go to a library to look up important facts. Today – thanks to the internet – people can download e-books – and visiting the library is unneeded. In fact, one can simply input his or her keywords on Google and sure enough, one can find reliable sources of information. However, the internet – with all its obvious advantages – does come with drawbacks – one major one is its lack of information security.
Cyber security can be compared to a game of whack-a-mole. As soon as authorities rectify a hacking incident – another one pops up. It seems as the moles are overwhelmingly winning and the authorities are trying their best to win a losing battle. In between are businesses and individuals who are suffering from cyber crime. Consequently, businesses and individual (those worried about their personal data) are now left on their own to defend their privacy – both online and offline. The internet itself is an un-monitored and mostly unregulated domain where cyber-crooks are free to roam and target victims. As a result, this has given rise to a whole new market for information security products. Today, companies are spending millions of dollars on creating customized security solutions – yet somehow all their efforts are washed away once a hacker is able to infiltrate their server’s security.
So, why is it that these often customized – and not to mention very expensive – security solutions fail when it comes to real-life security threats. For once, these solutions are often created hastily and without proper stress testing. Second, they often contain inadequate or lack of encryption – that results in security breaches. So what is the solution? Until a decade earlier, there was no such solution to this dilemma – and hacking was easy as taking candy from a baby – and in some cases this holds true – at least to some extent. So, what is a definitive solution that’s cheap and secure? The answer may surprise you! But consumer based data security software such as Folder Lock is the next wave of weapon against cyber-crime. Such software offer users total data security solutions – from the ability to lock and encrypt data both on the cloud, offline and on portable devices. Using military grade encryption – few software have managed to offer users such dynamic protection at an affordable price. The fact that such products give users’ ultimate data security has to do with encryption. In fact, encryption is the only thing that stands in the way of a hacker and your data.
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