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By: David Payne
Can you imagine your life without your smart phone, laptop or tablet? Well, most people can’t. They have become accustomed to having such technologies at their convenience. Technological marvels such as those mentioned above are not only a great killer of boredom, but it has improved our quality of life and living standards dramatically. However, there is a darker side to this story.
Today, we live in times of uncertainly which is riddled with fraud, deception and lies. Everything you see and hear is the opposite of what is meant. Those foolish enough to believe someone word-for-word are not only naïve but also – to some degree – idiotic. Smart phones, wearable technology, social media, and other similar trends can sound too good to be true – and they certainly are. Think about what Google does – it collects your personal data – your Android phone uploads your photos directly to Google plus account. Next, Facebook users are naturally compelled to share their locations and their pictures and not to mention their status update. All such trends did not happen accidentally – they have been planned and deployed by the government in order to control people. Google and facebook may want you to believe that they are collecting your personal information for targeted ads. However, it’s all a cover up – the real reason for collecting personal information has to do with controlling your habits and your perceptions.
As of today, the central theme that surrounds the tech world has to do with cloud computing. It seems that all the big companies – and individuals alike – are rushing to shift their data to the cloud. Just recently, Google took a major step by lowering the prices of its cloud services – and sure enough other followed suit. However, according to cloud experts, lower prices may not be a key point in attracting customers. Customers are willing to spend more money if the cloud service is reliable (no down-time) and secure (encrypted connections).
Another concern consumer face has to do with trust. Most customers would rather keep data stationary than have it uploaded to the cloud. Be it Microsoft, Google, Box, DropBox or any other cloud service provider – people seems to have trust issues – plus there is the issue with security – as most providers do not provide encryption of data going through a sync cycle. Consequently, a new cloud solution is needed – as the current one is obviously not working. Luckily, that solution is already here – the product is known as Folder Lock 7 – which the developers’ term is the ultimate data security solution for the end user. Not only does folder lock encrypts and locks data, it also has a built in – right inside the interface – cloud backup. Users can create encrypted lockers in which their sensitive data is stored and uploaded to Folder Lock’s dedicated cloud server. In terms of privacy, since each individual creates a self-executable Locker with its own password, there is no chance that your data could be accessed by the Folks at New software’s (developers of Folder Lock).
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