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By: Tom Riddle
A liar is a confusing, deceptive and painful person, if you are in a relationship with him/her is like a boat floating in the sea with no anchor. Which means, there is nothing certain in the relationship, it is just floating and will reach nowhere. Truth weighs much, it gives stability, the depth and the firmness that a relationship needs to prosper. There is nothing in the world that can deny or replace the value of truth. There are two kinds of people, the one who lie and the other, who themselves are liars. We all lie at one stage of the life or another. Sometimes, we do not even realize that we are lying, we call them excuses or exaggeration, but, the truth is that these are all lies.
But, there are people, who only tell lies and they intentionally lie to harm you. Here are the three traits of liars that makes them cruel.

They do not love anyone except themselves
Have you ever thought about the reason why people tend to lie? The reason is simple, they tend to keep themselves happy and have a concrete self centered intention while lying. These selfish people only think about themselves, what can benefit them? How can they be happy? They do not give a thought about how will the other person would feel, how much will he suffer. That makes them dangerous as they do not back off from lying something about that actually can hurt the other person that they will enjoy. That is actually very inhumane of them. Similarly, there are digital liars in this age of technology that make people suffer by stealing their data through lies. You need to protect themselves by using Folder Lock, otherwise, they will hurt you badly.

Liars are not strong at heart
People, who do not have enough courage to face the truth, usually beg on lies. Cowards are actually very reluctant in admitting their deficiencies and will always try to defend themselves by giving lame excuses and blaming the other person or the circumstances. This habit of liars really freaks people out. This cowardice pushes them to tell a lie every time they are asked something or pointed out for something. This really is something very frustrating and it is hard to carry on any relationship with these liar people, who cannot face the reality.
Liars are always face humiliation
The people that always lie see only the short term good. These people do not have the vast vision, they cannot foresee and always end up losing. Their trait of telling lie makes them shallow from inside and they become so weak in themselves that they hardly can stand and at the end of the day they ultimately fall so badly that they are never able to get up. All these liars know is how to be deceptive, they never get close to the people around them and never gain the blessings like trust and love from them. These liars stay lonely, but, hardly anyone realize the reason of their aloofness.

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