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By: Tom Riddle
Keeping intellectual property safe and secure is one of the basic and the most essential responsibilities of the business. Your idea of a unique product or an effective business plan needs to be protected very carefully as it can make or break your business. Your competitors are always in pursuit of stealing your original ideas and work on it for their benefit. In order to save your intellectual property stored digitally, you need to take proper measures like using Folder Lock for your safety. It is absolutely necessary for your business growth and better earning. Your competitors can use some lame tactics to get your data. These tips will surely help our cause.

Stay safe from phishing
Phishing is a well known technique by which online criminals tend to extract out usernames, passwords and other personal information by sending you a fake email that tempts you to enter all the confidential credentials in it. They look to attract you with some attractive business deals or may get you seduced with a fake message that reveals you as the winner. These kinds of emails should be dealt with extreme care. Clicking the link in the email or downloading a file attached in the email will expose you to some mammoth dangers.
Beware of the vampire data
Vampire data is the one can company put aside after using and there is information piled up. Businesses are least bothered to secure such information and do not give much of an importance to its security. However, at the end of the day, if the day is not secured properly, it will return to the business and bite them. Hackers make the most of every sort of information, no matter how old that is. That is why, experts have always recommended to not to keep useless information as it can backfire and can hurt you.
Educate employees
Educating employees is one of the most effective and necessary practices. The majority of the computer users are actually not aware of the threat of data breach. The same applies to your employees, they do not pay much attention towards it as they do not know which acts can lead them towards danger and what can save them. They are also not much aware of the hazards that an incident of data breach imposes on you. That is why, you need to give proper training to all your workers so regarding handling the information and what practices and can put the company and them in trouble. It will surely a good step towards security.

Other than these three practices, make sure if you are using the principle BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), employees are taking proper care of those devices, otherwise it can result in an incident of data breach. Other than that, keep a close eye on the movement of data, which data is in use, of which employee and if the employee is entitled to access that data. It will surely help you to track down the culprit in case of an incident of data breach also there will be less damage.
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