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By: Tom Riddle
You have an important meeting with your boss, you switch your smartphone before starting the discussion with him. You might feel that your smartphone is vibrating in your pocket and you realize that it is merely a hallucination as your phone is switched off. After having a good session with your boss, you come to your cubicle and turn the phone on expecting notifications from social media, text messages or phone calls, but, you get a feeling of being dejected when you find there is not a single notification to you. Such a feeling dejection signals that you have been addicted to your smartphone and it is hard for you to live without it.

According to the psychology experts, smartphone users do not fall actually in the criteria of being called the addicts. They seem to just love their phone and feel comfortable when their phones are in their reach. This love of smartphone users towards their beloved devices has no real diagnosis in the psychology yet, but, the way it is increasing, it may soon become a part of this study. Smartphone addiction currently included in the vast meaning of internet addiction in the field of psychology. The anxiety of using the internet has been recently termed as internet addiction in psychology studies.

Gambling is termed as an addiction in the world of Psychology because it gives a wonderful feeling when you win a jackpot. It delights you and make you do it again and again. This cheering feeling on winning the jackpot a memory of what you did and what you achieved that release good feeling chemicals. According to the experts, smartphones also give similar kind of feelings to its users. Receiving notifications from social networking websites, text messages or calls give you a feeling of happiness, on the other, not getting your phone rung for some time can cause anxiety or you may get a feeling of unease that is surely something not ordinary.

As per a survey that was conducted on 200 students of the Standford University, 34 percent of the students rated themselves as smartphone addicts and 32 percent believed that they may become a victim of such addiction in the future. However, the experts have a firm believe that smartphone obsession cannot be rated as an addiction as it usage is not as harmful. It distraughts you and makes you angry when you are not connected to the internet, but, does not impose any danger to your life.

However, this excess use of smartphone imposes risks, these risks might not affect your physical or mental health, but, it surely affects your privacy. You may have some important information saved in your smartphone that you do not want to be leaked. One of those sensitive records can be your personal pictures and videos. In order to make sure your photos and videos do not get compromised, you need to use Secure Photo Gallery Pro that will keep all your precious memories that you captured with your mobile camera safe and secure. Smartphone obsession is not rated as an addiction yet, but, to the extent you use your smartphone, should be used carefully and diligently.
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