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By: Tom Riddle
The trend of using smartphone does not seem dying anytime soon. The smartphone market is too competitive, where the manufacturers are trying to equip their phones with more and more astonishing features. But, the main competition that is underway is for getting the crown of the best operating system for the smartphone. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the fierce rivals in this regard, however, it looks like Microsoft’s Windows Phone is also making its way to the mainstream competition. The Windows Phone OS once lacked the number of quality apps, however, there are some really amazing apps that can tempt you to use Windows Phone. Here are the top apps from different categories.

These smart gadgets in our hands are probably most used for socializing. Windows Phone users can enjoy using Reddit with an amazing app called Readit. It is the best Reddit app that is available for Reddit irrespective of the platform. Readit is regarded as the most stunning app for Reditt and it is liked by the Reditt users so much. If you are fond of Reditt, go buy Windows Phone and use this app for your pleasure.
There is hardly any argument that Windows Phones feature the best camera in them. If you are one of those that like to edit pictures before uploading them on the social media or you like to keep them hidden from the prying eyes,">Secure Photo Gallery Prois the app for you. Features like password protection, hack attempts, panic switch, a dynamic photo editor makes this app a desirable app for any person that is fond of photography by his/her smartphone.
Movies + Video
It’s a pleasure to hold your smartphone in your lay down on your bed and see your favorite movie, videos or TV shows. TVShow Plus lets you watch your favorite television programs online and also allows you to download your much loved videos and TV shows with its built in downloader. The app is much recommended, who likes to enjoy their moments on their bed on a small screen.
There are always some uses and some abuses of everything. This principle also applies on the use of smartphones. Some people use it for some indecent acts and some use it for productive purpose. Smartphone is a great device that can be used for education so effectively. Smartboard Calculator is one those apps that educates you, it serves users to solve the most complex of the problems in the blink of an eye. If you struggle with maths, it is surely app engineered for you.
There are people that are just crazy about sports, especially the soccer fans. They like to keep themselves updated with all the latest happenings in the world of soccer. An app called Soccer News gives you the news of every moment about any game that is played at any place around the world. The app fetches news from the most popular of the soccer websites to serve you the best. If you are crazy about soccer? Soccer News can please you.
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