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By: Tom Riddle
Our perception about identity thieves are that they are sophisticated computer geeks that just break into our credentials to steal our identity. But, the dark truth is that a thief, whether he perform his mal activities online or offline, cannot be sophisticated and a well mannered person. Identity thieves are similar to the thieves that we witness in our streets. They are dangerous and inhumane, they do not back off, posing risk to their victim’s life.

There were a husband and wife in the New York city, who were the identity thieves. This brutal couple murdered two of their identity theft victims as they were afraid that they can be convicted for the crime. Their third identity theft victim was never found and no one knows what they did ho him. This is surely a terrifying story and it would shatter your perception that the identity thieves are just a risk to your online existence. But, these kinds of incidents tell us that these digital thieves can be threatening physically and you should treat them as a serious threat.

Your neighbor, who is a a great friend of yours and you consider him well educated, hard working innocent guy. But, who knows, he might be stealing identities online, the time you went to his place and he left his computer to sit with you, maybe he wanted to hide his ongoing credit card scam from you. You never know who is committing crimes online, you need to keep yourself protected thinking about the worst case scenario. Your dear friend that might be causing terrible problems for the internet users, may not be reluctant in causing you damage as well. You never know, who can be an online criminal, your privacy protection depends on how carefully you protect yourself.

There is a fair possibility that you might have been victimized by an identity thief and you credentials might have been partly compromised. But, hope the best and believe that your all credentials are not leaked yet, so change your account numbers as soon as possible. You are always surrounded by hackers’ malware, viruses, Trojan horses and phishing that are specially engineered to damage you, they are lethal and very difficult to spot and avoid them. You need to be very choosy while providing information to someone online and should not share any information in the cyber world with strangers. There is another kind of identity thieves specie are the employees. Employees tend to steal company’s client information and sell it further to crooks or other companies.

These are some real threats that each and every one of us face, but, we are not aware of it. Knowing the fact now, you should use Folder Lock that can protect your identity, moreover your life and your financial assets from identity thieves. Identity thieves like to work in a place from where they can get precious personal credentials and they tend to ask personal questions online to strangers. You need to know much about these thieves, educate yourself about their techniques and the threats they impose. You need to be wise and careful, otherwise, you may have to face the consequences.
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