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By: Tom Riddle
People always find setting up password a tough and hectic task. Well, to be honest, setting up a strong password is really not that easy as it seems to be. You set a password that provides almost no security as they are not unique and pretty simple to be guessed. You need to follow some guidelines provided by the IT experts that can benefit you in making your information safe and secure. One of the basic guidelines that tech experts offer to computer users is to keep different passwords for each account, so even if an account gets compromised, other accounts will remain protected. However, here are some of the guidelines that users need to follow in order to have their password protection strong.

Avoid setting up common passwords
What are the common passwords? This question should have popped up in your mind. Here is your answer, any proper word that can be found in a dictionary is not a unique password, common numeric combination like “123456” or your birthday is not a unique password. A strong password should be a complex combination of upper and lower case letters that are well tossed with numeric characters and symbols. This is a perfect recipe for your strong password. You need to remember your passcode, do not write it down anywhere, do not keep it on your computer, just memorize it.
Spell your passwords in a unique way
Now, uniqueness is a rare species, but, you need to be unique to make sure your information remains secure. The best way to make unique passwords is to replace some letter with numeric characters or special symbols. For instance, if you want to keep your password “America” keep it like “Am3Ric@”, it is the same word, but, yes, it is tough to figure out now. Its advantage is that you will be able to memorize it easily enough. You can similarly substitute letters with numbers or characters or the other way around.
Other simple tips
You can use your keyboard’s key pattern to your benefit and can engineer a password that is tough to guess and yet simple to remember. If you select an alphabet and make a circle around it, it will be good, here is an example “ygbnjy”. But, this technique will not be effective if you have snooper around as it can be traced with your typing. There are other similar techniques like that you need to figure out for keeping a strong password.

However, you need to remember one thing that keeping strong passwords with weak program will not be effective for your security. So, you should use Folder Lock Lite in order to provide your data unbreakable security. Security software with strong algorithm and setting up a strong password is a lethal combination to keep out hackers and other data or identity thieves away from your personal and confidential information. You need to be a bit creative, wise and attentive to secure your data saved digitally, otherwise, you are likely to face some serious consequences.
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