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By: Tom Riddle
There is a fair possibility that you are aware of the fact that your data is exposed to hackers. But, you leave your records on the courtesy of these e-criminals as you feel you are unable to keep them secure. While reading the above statement, you might feel that I am pointing to some other specie living on the earth, but, the matter of fact is that you are likely to be one of those that do not pay enough attention to their data security. There are some common bad habits among the computer users that make them vulnerable. Users tend to keep weak passwords, not using software like Folder Lock for PC or believing that they cannot be a target for e-crooks. Here are some of the worst habits that computer users have all around the globe.

Lethargic and Ignorant behavior hurt users
Lazy attitude is one of the most common reasons why users suffer incidents of data loss and at the end suffer big losses. Everyone is aware of the existence of hackers and the malware that they use to affect computer users. Knowing everything, yet you all act that there is no need to protect your information diligently. The evidence of users’ laziness is that they hardly ever try to setup a strong password. They are more than happy keeping passwords like ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’ and other similar unsecure passwords.
Believe that they are exempt from being a hacker target
This indifferent behavior harms many users. They just think that they cannot be targeted by any online criminals. The reason for that belief is probably none. In fact, this behavior is perhaps closely associated with the laziness of the computer users. They have an attitude like they have never been a victim of data breach, they will never get attacked by hackers, how can they lose their data, how beneficial will it be for data thief? With this thought in their minds, they do not use any kind of data security software, antivirus or firewalls that can make their information protected.
Taking scams and phishing too lightly
Information can be lost in case of crashing a hard drive or in some other scenario. But, hackers’ famous techniques through which they steal data are scams and phishing. Some of the over efficient and over confident users deem to take it too lightly and as a result fall prey to them. Hackers on social media look to make relationships with and after winning your trust, they ask for sensitive information. People believing them, leak their confidential records that are used against them and are used to perform fraudulent activities.

Now, you come to know that laziness in behavior, ignorance of threats and not taking protection steers users towards expansive data loss. This means in order to make sure that your information is not leaked, you need to be agile, careful and precautious. Otherwise, you will likely to get targeted by hackers. Change your habits and approach towards data security, it will surely give you a better sense of security and indeed better security to your sensitive records.
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