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By: Tom Riddle
No matter how less important you treat your data, there is always a need to secure it. It is critical for you to secure all channels of leaking information. Whether they are the channels through which hackers get their dirty hands on your personal records, or through which it gets leaked accidentally. There are always some spine chilling stories in the headlines regarding some mass data theft incident that makes your information security look absolutely miserable. In order to make sure that your records remain safe and no one can access them, you need to follow the given guidelines.

Maintain regular backup
There is not a shadow of doubt that your files and folders that are saved digitally are always at the risk of getting lost. You cannot trust this digital existence of your records. Once your confidential records get corrupt or inaccessible, you will be devastated. You will surely try to recover those credentials, but, there are chances that you might not see them ever again in your life. To avoid such pain, you should maintain backup of all your sensitive records on the cloud that get itself updated whenever you make some changes in your original documents. If you cannot transfer your files and folders on the cloud after every single task you perform, then make a practice of doing so at regular intervals.

Maintain physical security
It is a simple principle and it does not need much of a thought that why you will not like anyone else to touch your system. It is extremely easy for anyone to take your files with him/her, who touches your PC. But, keeping your sensitive files well protected by using some sort of reliable Folder Locking Software will surely help your cause of keeping your privacy intact. Other than letting anyone to access your personal computer or laptop, you also need to keep your computer safe in case of a natural disaster. Like, Katrina caused a lot of damage to different databases and every year a number of records are destroyed due to different kinds of natural disasters.
Keep Real Time Monitoring
The best way to avoid data leakage is to monitor the flow of information in the real time. This will give you the best idea of where is your data, how many important files and folders are saved in your database, what files you are transferring using different mediums and other similar information.
Managing Mobile Devices
Managing mobile computing devices is extremely important to make sure that your data is not breached. Computing devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops contribute big in leaking data. Moreover, small portable data storing devices such as USB flash drive or SD cards need to be protected diligently. With their extremely small size, they need to be protected carefully as they are prone to getting lost or stolen pretty easily.

These are some of the guidelines that will surely help keeping yourself away from from being a data breach victim. You just need to take this data security threat seriously and act according to advices of experts.
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