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By: Tom Riddle
Have you ever observed clouds? The way these clouds above your head fly away, their nearly edge-less structure and how easy it is for an object to pass through them? I bet you have not thought about clouds like this before. Now, what perception you have about the cloud computing technology that you use to keep your sensitive information with almost no worry. Well, as a matter of fact, you should be concerned about the security of your cloud server. Cloud servers are not the safest places to keep your confidential records, you should use Folder Locking Software to lock your files and folders first and then upload them on the cloud. Other than that, you need to take the following steps to secure your data on the cloud.

Keep an eye on your data
When you are using a cloud server to maintain your data backup, you need to have a close surveillance on the flow of information. Do not just leave your information abandoned on the cloud, but, keep a track of that. See what files you have uploaded on the cloud and make sure that whatever files and folders that you have synced are available there and not been tempered on stolen. So, you need to keep a close eye on it.
A strong password to log in
Password is an essential element of security and many people ignore the importance of it. The majority of computer users tend to keep passwords like ‘12345’ or the user’s name or some kind of important date of his/her life. These kinds of passwords are never safe and they just contribute in making your security even more vulnerable instead of getting it secured. A strong password is a complex combination of upper and lower case letters along with numbers and alphanumeric characters. Such a password is difficult to break or guess. If you are confused regarding whether your password is strong or not, search it in the dictionary, if you find it there as a word, it is not much strong, other than that, setting important dates of one’s life as passwords are also not a good practice.
Secure your device
Device security is as essential for your information security. Your smartphones and tablets are extremely prone to risks of leaking data. These precious devices are often on the target of crooks and getting a computing device stolen, it may get the data saved in the device or on the cloud to get leaked. You need to protect your portable computing device digitally as well as physically. This step will surely give you better protection for your data saved on the cloud.

The cloud computing is an excellent invention and literally a blessing for all the computer users that want to carry their digitally saved information with them or to access data remotely. But, like any other thing in this world, if it is not handled with care, it can cause you damage. So, be wise while handling your data and make sure it stays safe and secure.
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