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By: Tom Riddle
A number of data breach incidents took place back in the year 2013. There were reports published on the trends of data breaches in that, the mistakes committed by users, techniques used by cyber criminals and sectors that got attacked. The statistics were not put forward were not just for the sake of increasing general knowledge, however, the ultimate purpose of putting such facts and figures was to educate users about this mighty threat so that they can take proper measures against it. But, it seems like users hardly learnt anything from the past misery, on the other hand, data thieves learnt how they can exploit computer users better. This is the reason why 2014 has seen another horrifying year regarding data security.

Data Breach means more Revenue Loss
The incident where Target was targeted and it faced some heavy losses in terms of sales and decline in share price to a great extent. Targetís net income has dropped down nearly 46 percent after the barbaric data theft incident in this year. Targetís income was $961 million that came down to $520 million. That brought the companyís management to conduct more board meetings and tried to figure out what to do and how can they minimize the damage. The company showed the fear of losing their loyal customers because of this terrifying data breach.
Cloud be a Big Target for Cyber Criminals
Cloud technology is widely used by computer users all around the globe and they are actually loving it. But, this technology is not perfect yet, in fact, it is no nowhere perfect yet. It posts huge risks to all data of all the millions of users that are living in different parts of the world. Recently, there was an attack on Adobeís database and the information of about 4.6 million users was leaked in the result of an attack in Snapchat. These are huge numbers in terms of data breaches and they eventually can end up in fraud activities of millions of Dollars at the end of the day.
The Healthcare Industry will Probably Top Again
The healthcare industry is known for being vulnerable regarding data security. It is expected that there will not be a big change in this trend in the upcoming year. The healthcare sector leaks information like name, address, email address, social security number and other personal details that can be used for mal puprposes. Many concerned companies are looking to take some strong measures against this lethal threat, however, the situation still does not look too pleasing.

There have been some big incidents of data breach in 2013 and 2014 as well related to big companies, but, it does not mean that individual users are safe. If you are an ordinary computer user, you ought to use Folder Lock for the purpose of securing their data. Otherwise, they will be targeted by a hacker and will be a victim of an incident of data breach without receiving any attention from the world. The situation is likely to get worse in the upcoming years, so be careful and make the most of the computing technology, but, make sure you have the top security.
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