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By: Tom Riddle
Folder Lock - Every year, the last ten or twenty days of that year are usually the prediction days. There are different types of predictions, like prediction about sports, celebrities, global affairs and others. Some people tend to predict about the distractions that are likely to take place in the upcoming year. So, here I am trying to figure out at the end of 2014 that what will be situation of data breach problem in 2015. Predictions that were made in 2013 regarding the same issue have almost come true. The data breach issue is on the increasing trend and it is likely to carry on in the same terrifying fashion. Here are some the predictions regarding information security issue in the upcoming year.
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Big organizations will likely be in the headlines for big data breach incidents
Big companies have huge data to save digitally and that huge amount of data imposes huge risks to security. Sony is the prime example of this threat, which has seen probably the biggest cybercrime of history and it has compromised the records of their millions of clients. It has impacted the image of Sony and also raised questions about their security. These kinds of incidents are expected to occur in 2015.
The healthcare industry will again be the most common target for hackers
The healthcare industry is always known for its poor measures of data security and has always been a safe target for hackers. Millions of records are leaked by the healthcare industry in result of hack attacks. Information like name, address, email address, social security number and other personal credential are being leaked by the industry. It has been said that the healthcare industry is currently not ready to protect the records they have saved and likely to spit out data on being attacked by hackers.
The cloud computing will be used more widely
Tech experts are expecting a rise in the use of cloud computing and believing that it will become one of the most favorite targets of hackers and identity thieves. In order to get their access to the cloud servers, hackers may try to hack smartphones and then make their way to the cloud serving through it. So, people that love using the cloud servers should have to take proper measures to secure their online data in the upcoming year.
A further boost in the online banking
Personal banking and online financial transactions are expected to reach a new high in 2015. More and more people will perform their banking activities online without much of a hassle. But, hackers will continue to target these online transactions and users are likely to suffer some heavy losses in the near future.

The computer users, irrespective of the form of data he/she has to keep the proper data security intact. The year of 2015 is predicted to be more brutal in terms of information security as compared to 2014. Computer users need to use Folder Lock in 2015 as well as they have used since last many years to secure their data. It is one reliable software that can keep them away from many hazards of data breach.
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