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By: Tom Riddle
Folder Lock – why it’s the most important app today? Before we can dive deeper into this question lets discuss the pros and cons of smart phones. The smart phone can let you do virtually everything you can imagine. Across the globe, the smart phone has become the most popular gadget – people are willing to invest hundreds of dollars to purchase one – even though some cannot realistically afford them. These handheld devices have enabled businesses to increase their productivity and revenue significantly. Organizations are investing money in developing apps in order to attract customers. However, like all good things in life, nothing is perfect, and if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Accordingly, the following are the list of some pros and cons of using a smart phone:
Pro: A tool for communication
One no longer has to login to their PC to check email from time-to-time, a smart phone can instantly notify you of any emails you have received, especially if it’s important, work related emails. With a smartphone you can video chat with employees, co-workers and clients – in a nutshell, smart phones have broken the communication barrier regardless of the distance.
Cons: Comprises personal life
If you hate thinking about work related matters at home, owning a smart phone may not be the ideal choice. With colleagues and clients constantly messaging or email you, a smart phone can seriously compromise your personal life, leaving no time for family or friends. Not only that, users who are constantly engaged on their smart phone for work related matters can experience low morale and loss of interest at work in the long run.
Pro: Tool for productivity
Smart phones and productivity are synonyms, nearly all smart phones can help you become a more productive individual – given you download the right app for the right job. Apps such as calendars, maps, flashlight apps and learning apps give users an advantage in becoming more productive than ever before. In addition, with the assistance of 4g networks, you can conduct a search on Google and learn something new.
Cons: The ultimate distraction device
Using a smart phone requires great discipline, because there are endless arrays of game and fun apps that can divert your mind and consume your time. Therefore, from watching videos, to playing games, casual web surfing and mindless chatting with friends, in all, a smart phone is the ultimate time-waster.
Pros: Instant Camera
Thanks to advancing smart phone camera technology, gone are days of carrying a digital camera. Many flag ship smart phones are capable of taking decent photographs and recording HD videos. Now, every time you see something interesting, all you have to do is reach for your pocket and pull out your smart phone.
Con: Increased risk for data theft
With smart phones being portable devices, people tend to lose them and consequently the personal data within them also. Personal data is extremely sensitive, and chances are that whoever finds your smart phone will try to access your sensitive information. Luckily, apps such as Folder Lock can prevent such intrusions if users install them on their smart phone.
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