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By: Tom Riddle
There are some apps you download just for fun, but then there are some apps you canít imagine living without. Although everyone would beg to differ on what apps are essential on their Android phones, there are some apps that are meant to be universally popular. Although, some may totally disagree on the fact that there is such thing as universally popular Android apps, I, however, have managed to compile a comprehensive list below:
Waze GPS:
Itís a given fact that GPS navigation is now a practical possibility with the help of a smart phone. GPS now comes standard on all smart phones, and itís only a matter of having the right app to guide you smoothly along your way. Recently purchased by Google Ė Waze is a navigation app that lets drivers share traffic patterns and warn others about gridlocks. It is provides the most accurate and fastest routes for drivers. All in all, Waze has overthrown Google maps and has given rise to social GPS.
Brightest Flashlight:
From time to time, we all end up in dark places: whether itís navigating a dark alley, checking under the hood of your car, looking under the bed for a lost item or flagging for help in case your car breaks down at night Ė flash lights in general are a must have tool. Consequently, there are hundreds of Android flashlight apps, but one that stands out in popularity and practicality is Brightest Flashlight, developed by Golden Shore Technologies, this is a simple but powerful app. All the user has to do is touch the icon and your camera led lights up and your front screen switches to bright white hue Ė allowing you to maximize phoneís brightness.
Sound Cloud:
Everyone loves music, as it is known to sooth the soul and uplift moods. Despite what language you speak, the language of music is appreciated worldwide. Consequently, riding on the time tested popularity of music, many developers and developed music apps. However, the one app youíll sure to find on any music lover is sound cloud. Sound cloud is basically the YouTube of music and audio. You can upload your songs to sound cloud and share it online with music fans. Additionally, it also acts as a comprehensive database for music albums from around the globe.
Viber may be a newcomer to the free messaging domain, but it has gained significant users since its inception Ė taking its competitors by surprise. The free calling and messaging apps automatically detects your contacts saved in your phonebook and lets you make voice calls to those who have Viber installed on their smart phones. In addition, similar to whatís app, you can also send videos and images to other users. Viber can be best compared to Skype Ė but it only differs.
Folder Lock:
Your personal information such as credit card numbers, PDF tax returns, personal photos and videos are considered the most private of files. Therefore, it becomes quite awkward when someone goes through your personal data. Thus, apps such as Folder Lock for Android are popular for this reason alone Ė the fact that they can lock and hide your secret data makes them valuable.
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