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By: David Payne
Security has probably never been as important as it is today. People face physical risk as well as digital risks. With technology prospering with leaps and bounds and increased means of communication have definitely facilitated people all around the globe. But, on a negative note, these mediums of communication have exposed people to a number of threats that were never seen or probably never imagined before. With the invention of mobile phones and their transformation into smartphones have really made communication extremely convenient. However, risks faced by smartphones like getting hacked and spilling out confidential information are a real risk. Leaking saved contacts, personal SMS messages, call records and call recording can steer you to some heavy damage. So, it is better for you to keep your communication details safe and secure using Secure Call and SMS. Some of the necessary steps towards security are:
Secure Contacts
Securing personal contacts is extremely important. The contact credentials of your clients, close friends and family is extremely necessary. If some contact details get leaked, it can result in incidents of frauds and other criminal activities. You will surely never want to get your loved ones in such trouble or leak your clients’ information that can lead you towards heavy losses.
Keep your call logs protected
Call logs can reveal many things about you, so, it is important for you to protect it. Your call logs can indicate someone about the daily activities you performed, people with whom you are close, your schedule and other similar details that can be exploited. This is why, you should consider keeping your call logs secured and hidden.
Secure SMS messages
It is a very important aspect of privacy. SMS messages is probably the most used medium of communication. You interact with your friends, families, clients, colleagues and others via SMS and some of those text messages are really confidential. Users do not pay much of an attention on securing them or avoiding discussing sensitive details on the Short Messaging Service. It is a real threat, a leaked SMS that has some private information can be a disaster, so you should look to keep them locked and hide.
Call recordings and keeping them secure
You might have faced such a situation where you have talked to your client on the phone regarding something and he agreed or promised, but, on the time of implementation, he or she might have backed out. It is the time, where you say “I wish, I had recorded that call”. But, then it is of no use. So, you better use a call recorder to record important phone calls you made and make sure that you keep them locked and hidden, so that you do not lose them.
These are some of the most recommended practices by IT experts to keep intact the privacy. Implementing these security measures are not a piece of cake. But, Secure Call and SMS is equipped with all these security features that too with an immensely user friendly interface.
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