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By: Julia Steele
If you visit a tourist destination, a shopping mall, or any public place, you will find young boys and girls turning their smartphone’s front camera, placing the thumb on the button and taking pictures, or I must say, clicking selfies. Seflie is not about taking your own pictures, but, it is about imitating a celebrity. Girls try to put the best side of their face in front of the camera, making their eyes big, defining their cheekbones and stretching their hand as much as possible in order to take a better selfie. On the other hand, boys seem to take their selfie with an attitude on their face and showing some gesture with their hands. That are the usual scenes you see when you visit any place these days
Taking selfies is not just a trend, but, it is an obsession, which is why nearly 31 million pictures have been posted on Instragram alone with a hashtag selfie (#selfie). According to research conducted by the Pew Research Centre, nearly, 91 percent of the teens have posted their selfie online, which is truly a huge number. The love of selfies has also boosted due to the frequent positing selfies by young celebrities, who many teens admire. Even the Mars hover is programmed to take its own pictures, that is how deep this craze is.
One of the many reasons of taking pictures and posting them perpetually is because the ordinary people feel like they are something. As a matter of fact, there are more pictures of common boys and girls on the internet now than the professional models. Teenagers claim that taking and uploading selfies are a great way to control their online image. However, these youngsters are surely unaware of the threat of posting their photos online and have no or very less idea of how they can be misused. Even, these innocent kids do not know that their pictures can get stolen from their phones and they need to use apps like Secure Photo Gallery to ensure their safety.
Teens have set the likes and positive comments they get on their pictures as a measuring scale to assess the acceptance of their existence by others. The youth feel a boost in their self confidence if they get loving comments and some likes on their pictures. It can have a dark side, if someone puts up a picture of himself/herself and does not get enough likes, he/she may get his/her self esteem damaged. The biggest problem is that these young people start giving importance to how they or other actually look, instead of what they or others actually are. It surely shakes the confidence of many youngsters.
One of such youngsters was Danny Bowman, who became started to critique his pictures so seriously that he got sunk in intense depression as he felt he is imperfect. He cut himself off from the world and left everything, eventually, he attempted to take his own life, just because of the dilemma that he is not perfect. So, this is how much the love of selfies can harm young kids. As a piece of advice, enjoy taking selfies and posting them on social networks, but, do not rate them so seriously.
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