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By: Tom Riddle
The majority of the business goes through a difficult time when they experience a data breach incident. They leak sensitive data such as the personal details of their clients, their business strategies, their financial information and other similar sorts of records. These compromised pieces of information hurt companies’ profile and business operations big time. As a result, companies face huge losses and a large of numbers of the firm could not bear these wounds and shut down eventually. The reasons for these breaches are usually the own employees of the organizations. They are negligent and irresponsible that ultimately make the company to suffer. Here are some of the common mistakes that these employees commit, which make companies suffer.

Employees do not realize how sensitive situation they are handling and what can be the outcome if they get leaked. Loyalty can be about the issues, however, it is assumed that the lack of attention or sheer negligence is the main reason behind it. Workers do not look to keep a strong and complex password to access data. They like to keep some generic kind of passwords that they can easily remember. The most common password in the corporate sector is ‘Password1’. It serves all the requirements of a strong password, i.e. combination of upper and lower case letters along with numbers. However, it is extremely easy to guess. It should not be a word and the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers and special symbols should be far more complex. Otherwise, the outcome would be devastating.

USB flash drives are widely used in the business sector. Employees like to take their official work at home in order to work from his residence and increase productivity. For the purpose, employees use USB memory sticks. They know that there is hardly any sort of built in security in the flash drives. The most frightening fact is that these small data storing devices are very hard to handle. They are very much prone to getting lost or stolen, thus, they need to use these pen drives much more carefully. They do not use any sort of security measure to ensure its security. Whereas, they should use USB security software to safeguard their confidential data saved on their USB flash drive. This will keep their confidentiality intact.

Another huge problem with the insider employees is that they do not use email service properly. There is a high percentage of people that send confidential emails to wrong email addresses without any sort of protection. It is a common practice and it is a dangerous one. Another aspect of not using email services securely is that they open emails, irrespective of the sender and subject. They get trapped in the phishing plots of hackers and infect their employer’s network. These emails have tempting subjects and ask the recipient to click on the attached link or download the attached file. The attached link or file is infectious and give safe passage to hackers to your network.
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