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By: Tom Riddle
In this world of technology, scenarios are getting worse rather than any sort of improvement regarding data security. With the courtesy of our smartphones, all of our actions and activities are being tracked. We are being tracked wherever we go, whatever we say, what we like or what we dislike and out others actions. Our smartphones and our computers have the similar sort of information stored on them. The frightening fact is that all those records saved on our smartphone are at the risk of getting breached at any point of time. This is the reason why you are being recommended to use Hide SMS & Call Recorder. Your personal information is often used for different purpose. Some of those reasons are given below.

One of the most common usage of stolen information is of marketing use. Marketers love your personal information, they are deeply interested in knowing what do you like and what things you do not. Moreover, your traveling schedule, your daily routine activities and other similar records. These sorts of information helps marketers to design their marketing campaign better and more effectively. You do not receive random calls from banks and other companies offering different packages for you, you do not receive random text messages from companies with different attractive offers. For them, you are their target audience, they know which offers can tempt you.

Lawyers like to get your information for any sort of legal proceedings. You might think that the NSA (National Security Agency) will have to spy you day in and day out to get your information, but, it is not that difficult. The NSA spies you all and gather all your information, the kind of information that you cannot even imagine. However, an ordinary civic suit and an ordinary lawyer can also fetch out the desired information from your cell phone and computer, even if you have erased all the records. That is why, it is always said that keeping sensitive information on your phone or computer is extremely risky as only fair bit of expertise are required to fetch out that information

It is now an open secret that there are a number of threats faced by your data saved on your smartphone or computer or any other computing device. But, if you weigh in the pros and cons, you might find the pros much higher than cons, then you can continue using it. However, the most hazardous and horrifying use of your stolen data. Your stolen credentials can be used to open bank accounts or to get credit cards issued. Online criminals can shop online using your information and you will be the one that will face the consequences. This use of your personal records is the most dangerous of all and can be extremely damaging for you.

Your records can be leaked if you accidentally install malware on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Hackers can also make their way into your database and fetch out all the desired records. Otherwise, your stolen device or computer can be dug by the thief and get the data saved on them.
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