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By: Robert Bruce Baird

What the nature of 'mystery schools' was before Tuthmosis re-organized them (25) is hard to say. The claims of people within the Masons are challenged by many scholars. In reading the work of Conor MacDari, who seems to be a truth-teller from a group within Masonry that deplores many of the undisciplined practices, I tend to think they do have a good claim to having been the builders of the Pyramid who originated the Hebrew ethnic group. His work in 'Irish Wisdom' has been a source of intense study and verification for me during the last eleven years and he seems to place the designer(s) of the Pyramid group above or outside his own cadre.

The 'white' refers to a powder used to levitate the Pyramid rock; according to Gardner and many others within the mystic community this is the only explanation for the 'fit' of the Pyramid rock. The interior dimensions of the resting place assumed to have been a sarcophagus (I am not sure there ever was a lid and I think it was a focusing chamber within the king's chamber to position the individual at the optimum 'power spot'. Don Juan goes into great length emphasizing this aspect of the earth energy grid and Cayce does as well. Cayce was a 33rd degree Mason and his father was a Mason as well.} by Egyptologists (26) have 1/200th inch tolerances. We find it hard to believe even Christopher Dunn can explain this by machining and drills. Geopolymerization (rock-making) was covered in Science from the modern day patent holder Dr Davidovits, of this eminently do-able method. Serious scholars of fair intent have difficulty settling the debates over how the Pyramid was built. No credible answer is exclusively reached and it is our opinion a variety of methods were used in different situations. For example it would be difficult to justify building molds for obelisks of specific one time dimension or corniche stones of unique application. The machining approach would be used to finish rock poured in place. In the time before I read Davidovits and Morris's book, I thought the levitation approach was the only answer that make sense of the large rocks at Ba'albek and the 600 Ton cornerstone of Solomon's Temple. And that did not turn me on.

After intensive discussion with Marjorie Morris, including chemical analysis and weighing done by Kansas State University (not included in their book) I was convinced 'rock-making' was a major part of the process and that made me feel a lot better about the 'slave' issue. It didn't seem likely given the opportunities to be a mercenary and the lack of rational reasons to suggest 40 years would be enough to build this pristinely precise monument - as Egyptology suggests. The recent attempts to duplicate the feat are woefully inadequate and actually include fraud and misrepresentations. The recent ARCHAEOLOGY magazine issue that intimates they were just imitations of natural landforms is patently ridiculous. Whether the 'white powder’ was usable in building these structures I can't say. Gardner's descriptions of the way it works include a fluctuating weightlessness that would still make the 'fit' difficult. The quarried rock would still be even more difficult to machine to actual tolerances that sometimes mirror the Tiahuanaco exactitude where angled {N.B.} rocks are almost earthquake proof! How can one quarry rocks with numerous angles and not break them?

This problem so threatens modern academics whose whole history is founded on the ignorance of 'Stone Age' or Neolithic people that an editor who was working with me quit and called me an 'occultist'. So, the battle against heretics like me and other seekers of wisdom does wage on, with the tenured and other spokespeople drawing massive wages at taxpayer expense. Here are his words regarding the Pyramid.

"It's generally known that the Pyramid and Giza was a colossal albeit prosaic engineering feat carried out mostly by slaves."

I will show him due deference and not cite his name, but he possesses many doctorates and was a professor with 14 years of post-secondary education. He deserves the opportunity and the freedom to express himself but I suggest we don't need such 'expertise' in our schools unless they volunteer their time in an open forum. It is certain he has done little research and is simply engaging in the conventional 'me-too' arrogance that resolutely and militantly (if not with vile purpose) repeats such utter hogwash! It is not just 'occultists' who write whole books on the subject of the Pyramid from different disciplinary backgrounds including mathematics and most physical sciences. 'Occult' is only 'hidden' because of inquisitorial exercise of academic proscription. I know few universities would allow me to speak in a free or open forum to debate such 'experts'!

Giving Gardner his due, I would say he has done some excellent scholarship, albeit Bible Narrative in style if not intent. My belief is that closure can not be reached by any true seeker and I am open to ecumenical approaches that neither my editor nor Gardner ('Genesis of the Grail Kings') exhibit. So, if that makes me an 'occultist' like alchemists who the Great White Brotherhood claim to be (at least derived from the same shamanistic roots) then so be it. Of course, my credentials are not recognized and therefore I am 'persona non grata' or what Jesus and any other occultist who dared to tell the truth (like Socrates) risked in ancient times, is likely my crucifying judgment. Yes, Jesus was a seeker who studied the Tree of Life and other Qabalistic (changed to Kaballah in Spain much later by the Sephardic and/or Hassidic Jews) 'Sources'. That makes Gardner closer to the truth of Jesus and his 'Therapeutae' that came from or with the re-organization engineered by Tuthmosis. The 'Star Fire Ceremony' practiced by these 'occultists' and the communion which involved other bloody (literally) devices is definitely beyond the 'norm' and pale of proper behavior as we see it today.

How influential these elitist 'mystery schools' are in our present environment is yet to be seen. Certainly they have been the dominant factor in history for at least 3500 years. We will show Napoleon and Aquinas are joined by the likes of Cecil Rhodes and Winston Churchill on the way to a Skull & Bones Society far more obscene than any you might imagine. When you see pictures of Pharaohs they often have pointed hats to augment the pineal 'Third Eye' aspects and attributes of the human machine. This pyramidal structure focuses forces that the GWB was more aware of than any conventional academic of today who might put a similar hat on a kid they send to a seat in the comer of the classroom (Dunce Cap).

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