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By: Jamie Simpson
Trying to save money on your heating costs and electric bills can be mind numbing, but if you do your research you might be surprised at what is out there. There are many different alternatives in our generation that people can turn to such as wood/corn pellet stoves, electric radiators, solar power panels, etc. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using an electric radiator and whether or not if it is more environmentally friendly.

Electric Radiators take up less storage space than the traditional space heater and seem more economical. You set the desired temperature on them, heat the room and so not to waste more energy restarting them just drop them down by 4 degrees and that way it will keep the room nice and toasty when you return. They also have a thermostat with a microchip in them to sync up with the heater which is optional to buy. Also, with these slim radiators, there's no need to run piping as they can hang on a person's wall with no problem.

When using these radiators, it can get costly as you must use another power source to get the electricity to run them and that can cost more money. So this may be a problem for some who were looking to save on burning another fuel for power. However, you can use Wind or solar power in conjunction with them which are two renewable energies that will save you money in the long run.

These radiators give the person buying them control, reliability and the cost of running them is low. You don't have to worry about where to store them as they are installed in their permanent place on your wall. This new way of heating for the future is definitely environmentally friendly as you don't only use the electric heaters but if you were to join them with another source you could really be saving. These heaters even come with a ten year guarantee so that gives the consumer a piece of mind that if anything were to go wrong they could call the customer support and the problem would be taken care of. These heaters are also 24 hour programmable so if you were needed to leave and come back or didn't want to worry about cutting them off and on just program your unit and it will take care of itself.

So, as you can see, these would definitely be a good source of heating as they cost as little as a few pence per hour to run and if you teamed up with wind or solar power it would cost you even less. If you are thinking about a new way to heat, pick electric radiators as they will always leave you in control.


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