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By: Adriana Noton
Plumbing problems are bound to occur within any drainage system from time to time. Immediate action is required to fix the problems which are risky to human life and the environment. It can cause water contamination, air pollution from bad smell and other dangers due to the kind of dirt in the contents.

The magnitude of the problem may be minor such that no professional attention is required. Clogging of sink and leakages are some of the problems you can fix using simple home tool-kit. Engaging in this exercise is exiting, cost saving with the help of friends and family. In case you decide to take care of the situation by yourself, here are some do-it-yourself tips to handle various faults within the drainage.

Clogging of sinks is common in many households. It can occur in kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Unclogging will not necessarily require the services of experts. Running hot water through the drains is a tactic employed to clean kitchen sinks. This is because fats disposed down the drains are bound to build up. Hot water melts them away to restore normal flow. This should be done on a routine basis or whenever you notice varied flow.

A plunger is a tool designed clear clogs. It is pushed through the toilet or sink opening to force drive away clogs. Sinks are designed with a curved section underneath them. It holds water to hinder discharge of smelly fumes. Substances settle at the point obstructing the flow. This can be solved by opening the curved section to clear the passage.

The drain snake is another special tool designed to unclog drains. It is pushed down the drain with the hooked end first. When you reach the clogged point, you can hook and pull it out. Shaking can loosen and get rid of the clogged substances to restore normal drainage. You ought to be careful when using the drain snake not to temper with the pipes.

Having good knowledge of your drainage system will contribute majorly to the success of the activity. You should be able to locate components like valves which control the water flow. In case of water overflow, you can easily close of the inlet valve to avoid over flooding. In places like toilets, clogging can result in backward flow of waste. Special valves are used to avoid this occurrence. You can proceed to close them in case of any emergency.

Also, knowing your drainage network can contribute to detection of leakages. Waterlogged and soggy grounds along the drains are an indicator of possible leakages. This can be due to broken pipes. You can fix the menace by replacing or repairing broken pipes.

Frequent drains checkup and maintenance is highly recommended. You can schedule to inspect the system either weekly, or after a fortnight. This is a plumbing problems preventive measure where you will be able to detect them at an early stage and resolve them before they worsen. You can fix the minor faults or contact your plumbing contractor for major ones.


For all of your plumbing needs, contact your local professional plumbers. Whether you need a drain repaired or a faucet installation, we have a plumber here to meet your needs with friendly service.
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