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By: Adriana Noton
There are different tourist attractions in many places but mountain resorts are considered to be very significant in the growth of the tourism industry. Tourists from all walks of life enjoy mountain climbing and this is one important aspect of this industry which is not enjoyed by many countries that do not have mountains.

Tourists have the opportunity to camp in different mountain resort areas as they have all the facilities that can positively contribute to the joy of recreation in the bush. Such resort areas are also ideal for special retreats where people may decide to be away from the crowd. Different resorts in the mountain areas are designed in such a way that basic amenities are found there.

Mountain climbing is considered as one of the most fascinating aspects of the tourism industry. This is considered as a hobby by many tourists who can travel to far off places with the main aim of mountain climbing alone. In some cases, there are sponsored competitions in mountain climbing. It can be seen that places in mountain are capable of raising more revenue since they can be used for different purposes other than tourist functions.

Different species of vegetation are found in mountainous areas in most cases. In as far as botany is concerned, some mountains are endowed with various species that are no longer found in other parts of the globe. Visitors to these resorts may have the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing environment and they can also utilize their tours for study purposes. Botanic studies are often conducted in resort areas found in preserved mountains.

Other resort areas in the mountains are preserved as historical sites. There are certain resort areas that are decorated with artifacts of the early people who once lived in mountains. Other resorts are also comprised of unique vegetation species that are no longer found in any other area but are preserved in those resort areas only. As a result of industrialization, some species are rapidly facing extinction as a result of wanton destruction of vegetation.

Mountain resorts are also very ideal for activities such as filming of different activities. Documentaries as well as commercial video clips can be shot in and around the resort areas found on the mountains. Such video footages are very attractive in that they depict the originality of nature.

Some mountains such as the Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa are naturally beautiful and very attractive. This mountain is considered to be one of the seven wonders in the world and it attracts thousands of tourists from the whole globe annually. There are many resort areas around this mountain including a botanical garden, camping sites as well as very beautiful places that are ideal for activities such as photography.

A lot of factors positively contribute to the growth of the tourism industry in any country. However, countries with attractive mountains stand better chances of attracting more tourists as a result of different factors. It can be seen that mountain resorts play a significant role in attracting many people to enjoy the beauty of the resort areas found around the mountains.


A great place to spend the weekend is the Blue Mountain / Collingwood area. It rests on the coast of Nottawasaga Bay and offers great views of still water. Finding a condo or cottage is easy in the area and some offer wonderful views of the nearby mountains. Get back to nature and refresh the mind.
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