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By: Adrianna Noton
If you have reasons that you need to immigrate to Canada then you will need a reputable Toronto immigration lawyer to help you with the technical legal matters. You may be planning to work in Canada temporarily or you may have even received an inter-company transfer and are planning to start working in your company office in Canada . If you need a good immigration lawyer, Toronto has many highly trained ones.

If you are planning to live in Canada permanently and make it your residence you will need expert legal advice. At the time you become a permanent resident, you will be issued a visa which is called a Record of Landing.

The Canadian government issues it to you and then you will be able to work in Canada legally. Toronto immigration lawyers can help you handle all of the details. You will need help filling out the permanent resident applications and any other issues you may need to address.

The Record of Landing will also enable you to study and live in Canada legally as well. The first place you will need to stop for your permanent residence is the Central Office Intake in Novia Scotia, Canada. A good immigration lawyer in Toronto can help you with every step along the way.

Your application for permanent residence will then be sent to the Central Intake Office for a thorough evaluation. It is of utmost importance to provide truthful and precise information including a valid email address.

It is important to remember that the CIO does not verify your application they are just the ones who determine if you are eligible for permanent residence. An applicant must be working and studying in Canada for at least one year for your application to even be considered by the CIO.

Canadian immigration is broken down into two categories. These categories are temporary residence and permanent residence. There are some particular steps you will need to take depending upon which category you fit into. You may be a skilled professional entering on your own credentials or maybe even an entrepreneur wanting to immigrate for business purposes.

There are other situations as well in which you might want to immigrate to Canada such as a foreign student with at least two years Canadian Experience. These situations will require you to have an expert in this kind of law. If you desire to reside in Canada for any of these reasons, Toronto immigration lawyers are the best equipped with the knowledge to assist you.

Before you make any final decisions, contact immigration lawyers in Toronto first and discuss all of your options. They can help you with the complicated application and paperwork and will be able to advise you on the immigration category that you fit into. This is a serious life decision and does not need to be taken lightly. You can find the names of the most reputable attorneys online today to ensure you get the best legal counsel possible regarding Canadian immigration.


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