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By: Dirik Hameed
The current popularity of the electronic cigarette is no secret. A lot of individuals have abandoned their smoking habit in place of these alternatives. Many models resemble the real thing. What's more, they're also used in the same fashion. But the great thing about these battery-operated devices is they offer so many benefits to the user.

There are so many reasons why a lot of people have made that switch to a lava tube mini ecig. If currently you're still undecided whether you should follow suit or not, read on. Below you can find just 5 of the reasons why you should ditch smoking for good.

Tobacco isn't involved to satisfy you. There's a reason why cigarette brands all over the planet are required by the law to carry health warnings and graphic images. Health problems which can result from smoking are so varied. This has something to do with the fact that there are over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, and many of them are linked to a variety of diseases. Some of them include atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and all sorts of cancer - lungs, mouth, kidneys, cervix and others.

Because these devices emit only water vapor, no one will have to put up with secondhand smoke. Experts warn that secondhand smoke is actually dangerous that what smokers themselves inhale. It skips the filter at the end of a cigarette stick, leaving all those more than 4,000 chemicals intact. Constant exposure to such can also put individuals at risk for developing the health problems involved with smoking.

Nicotine levels may be personalized to suit one's habits. Usually, manufacturers of these devices and what's called e-juice offer levels ranging from strong, moderate to mild. There are extra strong ones for individuals that used to smoke heavily. Likewise, there are those which contain no nicotine at all, suited for those who like vaping but wish to avoid nicotine

Other than the nicotine strengths, the flavors also vary. The options available to choose from will depend on how many the manufacturer offers. You can find flavors ranging from fruity ones to those which copy the taste of popularly known international cigarette brands. Vaping can become more interesting because of the availability of different flavors. With such the case, you won't have to be tempted to return to the habit you once abandoned.

The use of these devices is allowable in many places where smoking is prohibited. Before, getting your nicotine fix meant looking for the smoking section in an establishment. You either had to look for the designated spot for smokers or go outside, leaving all your friends or relatives inside. However, a lot of establishments permit their patrons to vape inside the premises. You can use the device in a lot of restaurants, shopping malls, offices, airports and others.

Why electronic cigarettes are very popular these days is because of the above reasons. It's not surprising anymore why many individuals have given up their old habit. For them, making that switch is a smart move because of the many benefits to enjoy, especially when it comes to the health of the smokers themselves and their loved ones.


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